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About Us

Wedding songs are the most essential part of the wedding ceremony. These love songs create a romantic mood and make the day, a memorable event for the couple. Hence, it is necessary to select the best wedding songs for your wedding. Best way is to choose from the most popular options while selecting the songs for the wedding ceremony and reception.

The song selected should be able to describe your feelings and the beautiful relationship that you both share. The most popular option is to select a collection of wedding love songs. The wedding guests would be familiar with these songs and would be able to enjoy it. But, there is a huge list of wedding songs that are available on the internet. Therefore, the couple has to really take extra efforts and spend long time researching about the perfect songs for their wedding. In short, they have to check out each category.

Moreover, a lot of time would be wasted in finding out the best songs for each of the occasions such as processional, first dance and many other ceremonies. This wastage of time and trouble could be avoided and you could easily get a list of songs that can be played on your wedding day.

Our site offers different types of wedding songs such as songs for introduction, interlude, bouquet toss, etc. Processional and recessional wedding songs as well as wedding songs describing father daughter or mother son relationship are also provided here. Apart from the wedding songs, you will also find beautiful wedding vows, wedding toasts and wedding poems in some of our other entries.

The list of popular wedding songs that are available on this website would simplify your task of song selection. You can easily click on the song and can check out its lyrics. This will help you judge whether the song selected would be suitable for the particular occasion and would be able to express your feelings correctly.

There won't be any need to check out other sites for getting the lyrics of these songs. You can go through each category and prepare a list of songs that you desire to be played during the ceremony. All these would help you in your task of song selection. It would solve all your queries and update you with the list of popular songs as well.