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Cake Cutting Songs for Weddings

Cake cutting is an important part of a wedding celebration. You cut the cake and honor your guests. There is a variety of cake cutting wedding songs available to choose from. Ideally one or two songs are enough for the entire cake cutting event.

You can always choose your favorites from a gamut of songs. It doesn't depend on the type and size of the cake. You may have a 3 or 4 tier cake or just a simple home made single layer cake. Whatever it is, you can still make this a memorable moment.

There are so many songs associated with cake cutting like "build me up buttercup" by the Foundations, "Cuts like a knife" by Bryan Adams, "Chapel of love" by Dixie Cups, "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones, "Eat it" by Weird Al Yankovic and many other songs. Cake cutting wedding songs could be a mixture of romantic songs, ballads, disco, old classics, rock music and much more. Make sure you choose the one that suits your wedding tone well.

There are a number of websites on the internet from where you can download your favorite songs. You can arrange a medley of all your favorite songs.

The cake cutting indicates the sharing and commitment of the couple for a lifetime. Cake cutting for a reception depends upon the type of reception and the number of guests. If the reception is a small get together with only finger food and limited number of guests, then the couple would immediately cut the cake after greeting the guests. If the reception is an elaborate one with many guests, then the couple would cut the cake after the dinner is served and after they enjoy their dance i.e. late in the evening usually. Hence, it is essential to choose the cake cutting wedding songs according to the mood of the reception.

Cut the cake carefully as the photographer and other guests clicking pictures would tell you to pause or stand in a particular way. Listen to them because surely you would want good pictures of your cake cutting. If it is a layered one, cut the bottom layer. Cut gently if the cake is very soft. The bride should hold the knife with the groom's hand on the top of her hand while cutting the cake.

Avoid smudging of cake on each others faces. After cutting it, feed a piece of cake to each other. It is a good idea to offer it to each other's parents. It shows love and respect to each others' families. Cake cutting also varies with the shape of the cake. Round cakes are divided into concentric circles and then cut into slices. Heart shaped cakes are first divided into equal rows before slicing them. Square shaped can be easily cut into rows and columns. Slicing it carefully is essential, especially if the cake is very soft as it can get crumbled easily. Caterers in the reception hall offer to do the slices charging a certain fee.

Tips to Choose the Best Cake Cutting Wedding Songs

  • Not many choose a special song for the cake cutting ceremony but it would be fun and entertaining to cut the cake with some fun songs playing in the background
  • Though many people think that cake cutting songs go a waste as no one pays attention amidst all the noise of the ceremony; such songs can catch the attention of your guests if you make some smart choices. Songs which are witty and funny with puns related to the cake or the relation between cake and love etc. can make your guests laugh till they drop.
  • Fun is the most important element that should be present in these songs as this is what makes your cake cutting ceremony enjoyable by every guest and most importantly the bride and groom. There are some best compilations of songs, which are usually played during the cake cutting ceremony; these can be found in various websites on the internet. But, be careful so as to choose only songs, which are attractive, as boring songs just stay in the background which is as good as not playing any songs.
  • ‘Collide’ by Howie Day, Sugar pie, Candyman are some of the popular choices you can use Instead of songs you can have some of your cool friends to sing a few funny songs while you cut the cake with your partner.
  • Your friends would be the best source for choosing the best songs for your cake cutting ceremony; they can choose the funniest and wackiest songs, which would make everyone have a gala time. Cake cutting in itself is a fun event but when you play certain fun songs in the background, the fun and celebrations would triple in its intensity.
  • Just simple romantic songs can also be played instead of special songs; this in itself may make your reception a memorable event. Such romantic songs can express your true feelings of love and romance for your partner through beautiful lyrics.
  • Do a little research on the internet and you would find a lot of options for fun as well as romantic songs

Cake Cutting Wedding Songs
  1. How Sweet It Is. James Taylor
  2. Sugar, Sugar>Sugar, Sugar. The Archies
  3. Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Pat Benatar
  4. It's your Love. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  5. Ice Cream. Sarah McLachlan
  6. The Sweetest Thing. U2
  7. Pour Some Sugar On Me. Def Leppard
  8. Thank you. Led Zeppelin
  9. That's Amore. Dean Martin
  10. When I'm 64. The Beatles
  11. Cut The Cake. Average White Band
  12. Everlasting Love. Natalie Cole
  13. Recipe for Making Love. Harry Connick, Jr.
  14. Love You Madly. Cake
  15. Only Wanna Be With You. Hootie & the Blowfish

You can choose about 4-5 cake cutting wedding songs and finalize on just two of them. You can make someone in your family sing them for you. This gives a very personal touch. This is just about making every event of your wedding a happy memory to cherish for your lifetime.

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