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Wedding Dinner Songs

No wedding can end without a treat! Hence, dinners are an integral part of a wedding celebration. Dinner wedding songs are played when the guests are enjoying their sinner, These songs should preferably reflect a light and joyful mood. Guests should be able to enjoy the music as they dine and talk to each other.

Playing soft instrumental music for wedding dinners is a good idea. It is soothing to the ears and can be enjoyed as background music. These songs should not only reflect the love between the newly wed couple but should also serve a means to thank the guests to attend your party. Some of these songs could reflect good wishes for the couple.

The guests at the dinner would surely belong to all age groups. Hence, be sure to mix the various genres of music that would be appreciated by people across all ages. Their choices would differ immensely due to the generation gap. Make sure you include all genres from classical to hard rock.

It is important to create a mood wherein your guests would be able to relax and enjoy the dinner. So, remember the music should not overpower or distract the guests. As this is the same dinner you have spent a long time on deciding the menu, tables, décor and centerpieces. If you arrange a band or a DJ to play music for your dinner, be sure to communicate with them well in terms of volume control and selection of the songs. It is also a good idea to play your favorite CD collection instead of spending money on the DJ.

You can collect some of your favorite songs and compile them in a CD. You can also ask for choices from your partner, parents, future in laws and grandparents if any. This would give you a good variety of genres. You can also ask for songs from the kids you have in your family; for instance, your nephews, nieces, sibling’s kids, etc. This way you make sure you have a mixed collection of music that all the generations would enjoy and tap their feet on.

Remember that music should not be the focal point for wedding dinners. The focus points should be the food and the conversations between the guests as most of them tend to meet after a long time. So make sure they do not have to shout while talking to each other due to the loud music.

Arrange your speakers in such a way that they are not too close to the dining tables. You can reflect a particular theme in the music especially if you have a theme wedding. For instance, you can play more peppy tunes for a beach wedding or play classical instrumentals if it is a strictly formal affair. Some of the popular dinner songs are "Good vibrations" by Beach Boys, "She's the one" by Robbie Williams, "Your Song" by Elton John, "Fields of Gold" by Sting, "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and many more.

Make sure the dinner wedding songs are not too loud. Instead they should be played in a soft volume in the background. Soft background music is always soothing to the guests as they talk to each other and can hear each other clearly. Loud music acts as a barrier for the guests to hear each other well.

Tips to Choose Your Dinner Wedding Songs

  • Dinner wedding songs should be made interesting as guests should be entertained too while they are having dinner as it can get a little boring just to eat; so the selection of songs should be smart such that your guests have a great time listening to songs.
  • You can plan for songs which are in sync with your wedding theme, this would make your songs interesting and your guests would enjoy themselves. They will also appreciate your efforts in making your wedding all the more memorable.
  • If your wedding has Christmas as its theme, then even carols can be played in the background which would make the event livelier; popular Christmas songs which also talk about love and celebrations and would be apt for your ceremony can also be played.
  • If you are of the religious kind then you can arrange for even some religious songs blessing the couple which would be appreciated by one and all
  • If you want your songs to be a little different then you can also opt for instrumental music instead of the regular songs; you can arrange for a professional music band which can play the instrumental music of songs of your preference
  • You can also opt for hymns which would make the event special and memorable
  • It is important for the songs to be attractive but take care that they are not overpowering as it is important that your guests enjoy the dinner in peace
  • Dinner wedding songs can be selected from the various websites over the internet and you can also discuss with your friends to prepare a list of probable wedding songs which can be played during your reception dinner
  • It is important that your guests enjoy these songs which are played in the background as if they are not interested and keep chatting among themselves then these songs serve no purpose at all
  • You can also make your guests to come forward and make a song request which they would like to dedicate to the couple, this would spice to the occasion and your reception will be memorable for everyone

Dinner Wedding Songs
  1. Thank You. Dido
  2. All the Way. Frank Sinatra
  3. Unbroken. Tim McGraw
  4. Summer Wind. Frank Sinatra
  5. Fallen. Lauren Wood (Pretty Woman Sndtrk)
  6. Pictures. Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow
  7. Be our Guest. Beauty and the Beast soundtrack
  8. Shower me with your love. Surface
  9. The Wedding Song. Bob Dylan
  10. Underneath it All. No Doubt
  11. Angel In Disguise. Brandy
  12. Eternal flame. Bangles
  13. Sweet Happy Life. Peggy lee
  14. I would walk 500 miles. Proclaimers
  15. Heaven. Bryan Adams

Also, make sure that the dinner wedding songs are not too loud. Try playing them in a soft volume in the background. Soft background music is always soothing to the guests as they talk to each other and can hear each other clearly. Loud music acts as a barrier for the guests to hear each other well.

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