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Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Father daughter wedding songs should be selected based on their relationship with each other. Most of the times a father and a daughter tend to bond well emotionally and are very close to each other.

The songs you choose should be from a father to his daughter as well as from the daughter to her father. As a daughter you can choose songs that convey how much you love him and that you would care for him even later. Also do not forget to thank him for all his support through your childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Most of the times, fathers are a witness to the way you grow up and tend to view their daughters as their little girls even when they grow up. Hence, it is a very emotional as well as a happy moment for them.

You can select songs like "Daughter of mine" by John McDermott, "My special angel" by Bobby Helms, "you decorated my life" by Kenny Rogers and many others. You may not want to opt for something that is overly emotional and tear jerking. However, there are many songs through which you can rightly convey your feelings and thank your Father for all his support.

"Unforgettable" is not a typical father daughter wedding song; however, it is often chosen as one. This is probably because Natalie Cole sang this song along with her father many years after he passed away. Of course, this was only possible due to the advancements in sound engineering.

Whether you pick up a fast track or a slow track song depends on your relationship with your father. If you are very emotional about him, you would want to choose a slow track. Also, keep your father daughter dance short yet memorable. Make sure that you accommodate enough space and time for the other dances like your first dance as a couple and mother son dance along with the father daughter dance. If all the dances are long, the guests could feel dragged. Hence, keep all the dances short and sweet.

It would be a great idea to compose a small poem on your own that conveys your feelings to your father. No song in this world can match up to this beautiful gesture. However, if you can't compose, you can choose from a huge list of songs available on the internet. Apart from some of the very popular songs, there are many compositions you can find on youtube and many other sites that are composed by budding composers or by some other bride for her father. You can use these songs if you like them. The whole point is that the lyrics should not only be meaningful but also it should also suit the relationship that you share with your father. There are some songs that are touchy and funny both. You may want to include such songs as a part of your father daughter wedding songs. These songs reveal the very sensitive side of a father daughter relationship and yet a humorous bent to it.

Tips to Choose the Best Songs

  • Father-daughter relationship is a special one and the bond is very strong as the bride always wants a life partner who resembles her father in characteristics as well as personality. Her father is someone she looks up to so she should be the one who chooses the songs for her dance with her dear father.
  • Allow her to search for songs which would best describe her feelings for her father and it would be better to avoid the usual songs which have been played at every wedding party. Select some less common father daughter wedding songs which would be close to your heart rather than going blindly with the latest hits and common trends.
  • The task of finding less popular yet beautiful songs is tough but not impossible. You can go for a slow or a fast paced song as per your preference; if you and your father are good dancers then fast paced numbers can also be used.
  • You can also go for sentimental ones which would express your emotions for your father in a subtle or strong way which make for an emotional moment between you and your father. This particular moment would be unforgettable for you and your father throughout your lives.
  • "Kind and generous" by Natalie Merchant, instrumental version of "Moon river" are some of the lesser known yet beautiful songs for your special dance with your daddy
  • You can also go for any song which was has some very special memories from your childhood; there would be nothing more sentimental than this. This song can even be a rhyme or a poem, which your daddy used to recite to you when you were a kid. Your father, for sure, would be delighted to dance with you on that special song.
  • If there are any particular regional songs, which you both had enjoyed in the past, they can also be included as the songs for your dance; go for instrumental versions if you are not sure about the lyrics or the meaning your songs convey.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs
  1. Butterfly Kisses. Bob Carlisle
  2. Daddy's Little Girl. Al Martino
  3. Unforgettable. Natalie Cole
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings. Bette Midler
  5. Because You Loved Me. Celine Dion
  6. The Way You Look Tonight. Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett
  7. Daddy's Hands. Holly Dunn
  8. Through the Years. Kenny Rogers
  9. My Girl. Temptations
  10. Hero. Mariah Carey
  11. Have I Told You Lately. Van Morrison
  12. Wonderful Tonight. Eric Clapton
  13. Daughter of Mine. John McDermott
  14. Times of Your Life. Paul Anka
  15. What a Wonderful World. Louie Armstrong
  16. Isn't She Lovely. Stevie Wonder
  17. A Song for My Daughter. Mikki Viereck
  18. You're the Inspiration. Chicago
  19. My Special Angel. Bobby Helms
  20. You Decorated My Life. Kenny Rogers

Be sure to choose the wedding songs that you and your father both would connect to. You can choose all those songs you have been singing along with him since you were a kid. Also, make sure that the emotional bond is maintained throughout his lifetime.

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