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Here are the the two most popular hawaiian wedding songs. Both of the wedding songs heard most often in Hawaii, were written by Charles E. King. The most popular "Hawaiian Wedding Song" is heard at weddings with a Hawaii theme, especially when sung as originally written in the Hawaiian language, as "Ke Kali Nei Au". At weddings in Hawaii, you'll also hear the beautiful Hawaiian song, "Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae" ("Forevermore").

Presented here are the lyrics of both the hawaiian wedding songs for you. There is also a hawaiian wedding song by Elvis Presley present at the end of this page.

Ke Kali Nei Au (Waiting For Thee) - Words & music by Charles King

Hawaiian Version
Eia au ke kali nei
Aia la i hea ku'u aloha

Eia au ke huli nei
A loa`a `oe e ka ipo
Maha ka `i`ini a ka pu`uwai

Ua sila pa`a `ia me `oe
Ko aloha makamae e ipo
Ka`u ia e lei a`e nei la
Nou no ka `i`ini (nou ka `i`ini)
A nou wale no (wale no) 
A o ko aloha ka`u e hi`ipoi mau

Na'u `oe (na'u `oe) 
E lei (e lei)
Na'u `oe e lei

A he hali`a kai hiki mai
No ku`u lei onaona
Pulupe i ka ua

Auhea `oe ka `i`ini a loko
Na loko a`e ka mana`o
Hu`e lani ana i ku`u kino

Ku`u pua ku`u lei onaona
A`u i kui a lawa ia nei
Me ke ala pua pikake

A o `oe ku`u pua (`O `oe ku`u pua)
Ku`u pua lei lehua (lehua)

A`u e li`a mau nei ho`opa`a
Ia iho k ealoha

He lei (he lei)
`Oe na`u (`oe na`u)
He lei `oe na`u
English Translation
Here I am waiting 
Where is my beloved 
I've searched for you 
Now that I've found you 
Calm the desire of my heart 
Sealed forever to you 
Sweetheart you are so precious 
I pledge my love to you alone 
I desire you (desire) 
True to you alone (alone) 
With you joy will ever be mine 
You're mine (you're mine) 
Oh, my lei (Oh, lei) 
You`re mine, my lei 
Fond remembrance of the one who came 
My fragrant lei 
Drenched in the rain 
Listen you, my heart's desire 
To the thought within me 
Open the heaven within my body 
My flower, my fragrant lei 
I will string and bind 
Like the fragrant jasmine flower 
You are my blossom (you, my blossom) 
My lei of lehua (lehua) 
My desire is always to be with and close 
To my love 
My lei (my lei) 
You're mine 
My lei, you're mine

Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae (Precious Lei I Love) - Words & music by Charles E. King

Hawaiian Version
E ku'u lei (e ku'u lei) 
Lei aloha na'u, lei makamae 
Eia au, ke kali nei 
Ho'i mai kaua, ho'i mai e pili (e pili) 
Kou aloha ka'u (kou aloha ka'u) 
E hi'ipoi nei (hi'i poi mau no) 
Na kau a kau (na kau a kau) 
Nou ho'okahi, na li'a a loko 
Ahea la 'oe, maliu mai 
E ku'u lei (e ku'u lei) 
Ho'i mai kaua e pili
English Translation
Beloved one, beloved of mine 
To me you're precious, I adore only you 
Alone I wait, my heart is yearning 
Come my love, abide with me 
The nights are long 
The days are gray 
The sunshine of your smile, I miss 
No other one can cheer and comfort me 
Heed my prayer and return to me, fair one 
Come to my arms 
I know that you are true to me 
Hawaiian Wedding Song By Elvis Presley

This is the moment 
I've waited for 
I can hear my heart singing 
Soon bells will be ringing 

This is the moment 
Of sweet Aloha 
I will love you longer than forever 
Promise me that you will leave me never 

Here and now dear, 
All my love, 
I vow dear 
Promise me that you will leave me never 
I will love you longer than forever 

U-a, si-la 
Pa-a ia me o-e 
Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e i-po 
Ka-'u ia e le-i a-e ne-i la 

Now that we are one 
Clouds won't hide the sun 
Blue skies of Hawaii smile 
On this, our wedding day 
I do love you with all my heart

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