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It is extremely impossible to imagine a wedding ceremony without Indian wedding songs. Songs and music are the best part of every marriage that helps to set the mood for celebration. Wedding ceremonies in India are more or less in a festive tone. It would help make the ceremony filled with memorable moments to celebrate the alliance.

There are some traditional songs which are generally sung along with the beats of dholak. You can also go in for these traditional beats. Some couples prefer to go in for the traditional songs and dances such as bhangra, garba or dhols for music. You can try out different ideas such as going in for a musical skit or organizing a competition among the family members of the bride and the groom. This will allow the family members of the bride and groom to know each other and spend some lighter moments together. The best performance would be given a prize as a token of love and appreciation by the couple. This would lead to the active participation of all the family members.

The songs selection and the music beats opted for totally depends upon the custom of the region and various other factors. There are some very prominent occasions when these songs are played. They include engagement, sangeet and the mehndi ceremony.

There are specialized songs for each of these ceremonies. You can get these songs online or hire a professional such as DJ for this purpose. There are many other options wherein you can select the list of songs to be played, record it in iPod or CD and play it during the ceremony. It is very helpful in setting the mood for the wedding. A popular choice of Indian wedding songs for the wedding ceremonies includes the Bollywood movie songs. There are many popular songs for each of the occasions such as mehendi and sangeet. You can use them for the ceremony.

There are plenty of famous Bollywood songs for welcoming the baraat. A baraat is a procession which includes the groom on the horse and his family members coming to the wedding venue usually the bride’s house. You can select the best one among them to be played during the baraat. Some couples prefer to go in for the traditional folk songs that are usually sung during the wedding.

You can ask for suggestions for the song selection from your friends or other family members. If you have hired a wedding planner, you can take their guidance in selecting the songs for each of these occasions.

However, for the wedding ceremony, people usually go in for just the instrumental music than the vocal ones. The most common choice include music of the instruments such as shehnai, sitar, and the drums. You can easily purchase these CDs and play them during the ceremonies. You can go in for the compilation of music of various musical instruments.

A very popular trend in the recent past is to go in for a remixes of old songs. Dancing and songs are unavoidable aspects of the wedding. You can go in for arranging a live band of musicians to play the desired set of songs for the ceremony.

You have to make the bookings of the band well in advance. Prepare a list of the songs for each of the ceremonies such as mehndi, sangeet and baraat and give it to them. Discuss with them about these Indian wedding song collections and you can go in for including the songs suggested by them.

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Therefore, the ideas mentioned here will surely help you select the best wedding songs. Check out for some of the most popular wedding Indian wedding songs and use them for your wedding ceremony.

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