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Wedding Introduction Songs

The wedding introduction songs is basically selected to be played at the beginning of the reception party. You can opt for any popular wedding songs or classic songs as your wedding introduction song.

There are different types of wedding songs which are available. You can go in for the best one as per your preferences and also those of your life partner. While selecting the song, check out the duration of the song and its lyrics. You should also listen to the songs before selecting it. Opt for the songs that would suit the individuals of various age groups.

It is a very difficult task to select the best wedding introduction songs as there is a variety of songs available today. You can consult the wedding planner or the DJ who would surely help in the song selection, or refer to the tips given below, that aim in helping you select the introduction wedding song.

Tips to Choose the Best Introduction Songs

  • You can stick to your wedding theme and plan your wedding introduction songs accordingly; this would make your wedding celebrations a complete package with a specific theme. For example, if you are opting for Hawaiian wedding then your introduction songs can be typical Hawaiian numbers. This would create the necessary ambience and your guests are sure to feel like an integral part of your Hawaiian wedding.
  • Get some ideas from internet and make a list of the most popular as well as beautiful songs which are apt for your theme; your friends are the best source for your list as they can suggest you’re the most apt songs, they can be funny or romantic or wacky or sentimental. Make a list and choose the best out of the lot.
  • You can also play two main songs which are your favorite and dedicate them to all of your wonderful guests; this would make your guests feel special and cherished. The ambience will be livelier and filled with mood of celebrations. Your guests will also give their best wishes and blessings form the bottom of your heart.
  • Introduction songs set the mood of the celebrations of your wedding reception so it is in your hands to choose songs which set the mood for fun and celebrations. Try and start with an upbeat song with joyous lyrics and you are sure to start the evening on the right note.
  • You can also opt for instrumental songs if you are not sure about the lyrics of your songs, this will be a variation from the usual songs making an excellent start for your wonderful evening
  • If you and your partner are of religious kind then you can start the celebrations with religious songs seeking God’s blessings for a life together of happiness and contentment
  • You can also play a funny song as soon as the party starts which would make your guests smile and this would set the mood for the rest of the evening resulting in sweet memories
  • If you are a fun-loving wild person then you can select songs which bring in the party mood among your guests; you can go for rock or peppy numbers which would make the guests tap their feet and get onto the dance floor in the beginning itself.

Introduction Wedding Songs
  1. Its a beautiful day. U2
  2. Let's Get Married. Jagged Edge Feat
  3. Bittersweet Symphony. The Verve
  4. At Last. Etta James
  5. Get The Party Started. Pink
  6. I want to grow old with you. Adam Sandler
  7. Lets get ready to rumble. Jock Jams
  8. Another One Bites the Dust. Queen
  9. Celebration. Kool N the Gang
  10. L O V E. Nat King Cole
  11. Come What May. Ewan McGregor Nicole Kidman
  12. The First, The Last, My Everything. Barry White
  13. Always and Forever. Heatwave
  14. Ants Marching. Dave Matthews Band
  15. At The Beginning. Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

We hope that we have helped you select some good introduction wedding songs for your big day. You can choose the songs from the list given above or play your own number and pep up the mood for the guests. Whatever you choose, do listen some songs first, shortlist them, go through the lyrics and then choose the perfect introduction song for your wedding.

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