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There are infinite numbers of Irish wedding songs that are available. You can go in for any of these songs that would fit perfectly with the type of songs that you desire for the ceremony. You should try to go in for a perfect combination of the traditional songs with the modern ones. This will add a variety to your songs list and cater all your guests alike.

They would enjoy the party. The songs are to be selected as per the ceremonies. You have to go in for different songs for each of these ceremonies. You can easily get these songs online. There are plenty of songs to choose from.

You can take the help of your wedding planner or friends. They would suggest you as well as assist you to select the best wedding song. You can go in for your favorite song for the ceremony. However, you have to ascertain yourself that the song would be suitable to the ceremony.

You can opt for some classic romantic songs along with the modern ones for the ceremony. There are some endless possibilities of songs that can be opted for the wedding. Some couples also prefer to go in for Irish folk songs.

While selecting the songs you should go in for the songs that would persuade your guests to dance and enjoy. There are some online sites which would suggest you songs for each category. You can listen to each of these songs and prepare a list of the songs that you wish to be played.

Some of the important ceremonies include the processional songs, recessional songs, and preludes. For each category select at least two to three songs. Some websites provide you the opportunity to listen to sample of song which would simplify your task of song selection. You can also read the lyrics of the song on the websites.

There are some good compilations of Irish wedding songs that are available. You can go in for the best one that suits your requirements. Another great option would be to go in for preparing a compilation of all the songs that you desired to be played for the ceremony.

For playing the list of songs and music at the ceremony, you have to hire a band or a DJ for the purpose. You have to check with the DJ or musical band whether they are familiar with the song selected. They might also suggest you some good songs that can be played for the ceremony.

In case of a low budget wedding, you can play the CD that you have prepared of the songs, which you have decided to be played for the ceremony. You have to go in for the musicians who have knowledge of the traditional Irish music.

You can try out some excellent ideas such as giving an opportunity for the guests to request a particular song of their choice to be played. This would lead to active participation and give a variety in songs.

Irish Wedding Song
Music and lyrics by Ian Betteridge

Here they stand, hand in hand. They exchanged wedding bands. Today is the day of all their dreams and their plans. And all of their loved ones are here to say, God bless this couple who marry today. Chorus In good times and bad times In sickenss and health, May they know that riches Are not needed for wealth. And help them face problems they'll meet on their way. Oh, God bless this couple who marry today. May they find peace of mind comes to all who are kind. May the rough times ahead become triumphs in time. May their children be happy each day. Oh, God bless the family who started today. (Chorus) As they go may they know ev'ry love that has shown And as life it gets shorter may their feelings grow. Wherever they travel, wherever they stay, May God bless this couple who marry today. (Chorus)

The ideas and information mentioned here will surely help you to check out the best Irish wedding song for the ceremony. It would also inform you about the key points that are to be considered while selecting the song for the ceremony.

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