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Mother Son Wedding Songs

Selecting the appropriate mother son wedding songs depends upon the relationship they share. If their relationship is open and light hearted then may be more peppy tunes like "Celebration" by the Kool and the Gang could be used. Otherwise, there are a number of songs which reveal the bond between a mother and her son.

Some of the conventional but beautiful mother son dance songs include "Beautiful boy" by John Lennon, "A song for Mamma" by Boyz II Men, "Ever Mother's Dream" by Teresa James, "Blessed" by Elton John, "Dear Mama" by Anne Murray, "A Mother's Song" by T. Carter, "I'll always be your Mother" by Lynn Leonti and Jim McShane, "First lady in my life" by Paul Todd, "Because you love me" by Celine Dion and many other songs.

Mother son wedding songs give both the mother and the son a chance to express their love for each other. It is an opportunity for the mother to wish her son all the best for his future as well as give him some advice if required. It also gives the son an opportunity to thank his mother for all that good she has done for him.

A mother son dance is also a good way to involve the mother of groom in the wedding. This is because, traditionally, the bride's mother is more involved in the wedding preparations than the groom's mother. The point is that none of the immediate family members and parents should feel left out or be treated as "guests" for their children's wedding. This especially is bound to happen with the groom's mother.

Mothers are known to be more possessive about their sons. However, a good mother would always take a back step when her son gets married. All the groom's mother requires is acceptance of the extended families and the new responsibilities of the son after his marriage. The groom's mother in fact should be the first person to contact the bride's family introduce her family and preferably invite them for a meal. This is a good way to start communicating with the bride's family and build a healthy relationship with them. She should also be involved in arranging the rehearsal dinner before the wedding. She and her husband should be more than willing to contribute financially in their son's wedding if required.

A good idea is to gift the son and the future daughter in law a honeymoon package. This is nice gesture to support their relationship and wish them a good married life. Also this lets you involve yourself more as the groom's mother. At times, brides tend to get carried away and get it all done their way as they think the wedding day is only meant for them to enjoy and make them their dreams come true. Of course, it is their day, but the brides should remember not to step on anybody else's toes to make their wishes come true.

Tips for Choosing Mother Son Wedding Songs

  • It is important to choose the song for the mother and son wedding dance carefully as the song has to be very special and memorable. The mother is going to have the last dance with her bachelor son before he gets another important woman in his life. There are many options to choose from but one has to be careful in selecting a song, which is a favorite of both the son and mother. This would make the dance memorable for them throughout their lives.
  • Though the task is difficult you can find some good options on internet and other wedding magazines. The best source, however would be your friends and family members who would be experienced enough to help you choose the right songs. You can also choose some Hollywood songs, which may be the latest hits or favorites of the groom and his mother.
  • Take care of the fact that the song would be about the relationship between a mother and her son; if the songs are too modern with lyrics on some other topic then the whole last dance of mother and son would lose its significance.
  • You can also ask the groom to select a few songs, which he would like to dedicate to his mother and the same can be done with the groom’s mother as well. This would make the song all the more special and would make the moment of ‘last dance’ memorable for both the groom and his mother. Usually, the mother and son relationship is considered very special and the love between both should come across through the lyrics of your songs.
  • Your selection should be such that it brings tears to many of your guests’ eyes and especially the mother and son duo should live the moment to the fullest. The moment should be exclusive to the duo and they should be left undisturbed on the dance floor as these minutes are just for them.
  • You can get ideas for such songs from various websites or the internet and it would be better if you can compile the songs well in advance so as to make the memories of the last dance everlasting. Following chart represents the most popular mother son wedding songs in America.

Mother Son Wedding Songs
  1. Wind Beneath My Wings. Bette Midler
  2. Through the Years. Kenny Rogers
  3. A Song for Mama. Boyz II Men
  4. A Song for My Son. Mikki Viereck
  5. What a Wonderful World. Louis Armstrong
  6. Because You Loved Me. Celine Dion
  7. Unforgettable. Natalie & Nat King Cole
  8. Have I Told You Lately. Rod Stewart
  9. Forever Young. Alphaville
  10. Sunrise Sunset. Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack
  11. In My Life. Beatles
  12. The Perfect Fan. Backstreet Boys
  13. The Rose. Bette Midler
  14. I am Your Child. Barry Manilow
  15. Could I Have This Dance. Anne Murray
  16. Hero. Mariah Carey
  17. Beautiful In My Eyes. Joshua Kadison
  18. A Smile Like Yours. Natalie Cole
  19. Memories. Elvis Presley

Make sure that the mother son wedding songs you choose go with the kind of relationship you share with your mother. Keep it short and sweet. This is because you should keep enough time for the father daughter dance as well as the first dance by the couple. It is not a good idea to stretch either of these dances too long as the guests might feel dragged.

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