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    Processional Wedding Songs

    Processional Wedding Songs

    Processional wedding songs are those that are played when the bride walks down the aisle. It is the beginning of the wedding ceremony and also a very emotional and special moment for the bride. The song selected should introduce the bride and describe her feelings and emotions as she walks down the aisle.

    Select a wedding song which will not only introduce the bride but also inform the guests that the wedding ceremony has begun. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time to select the wedding song for the ceremony. You have to keep some significant points in your mind while selecting the songs.

    These important aspects include your personal likes and dislikes, length of the aisle, type of wedding song that you would prefer, the scale of the bridal party and the wedding theme. Hence, it is necessary to check out whether the length of the song is appropriate and would go on perfectly till the bride and the bridal party enters the wedding ceremony.

    Tips for Choosing Processional Wedding Songs

    • The pace of the bride's walk down the aisle is very important when you choose the right processional song; there are many options to choose from according to the pace you have decided. Most of the processional wedding songs are slow-paced, but you need not worry about this as you can select a medium paced processional song as well.
    • You can plan for either a full song or also an instrumental, both of which would be apt for the brides' walk; usually people go for an instrumental for the bride's walk down the aisle as it sounds more dramatic but you can also opt for different and unusual songs which would express your feelings as a bride.
    • You can choose from either a classic or traditional song; a contemporary or religious song, just choose one which suits the nature of your wedding and mainly your preferences; your taste is very much important as it is your special day and every aspect of your wedding should be according to your liking.
    • Some of the options for religious songs for wedding are "All people that on earth do dwell", "St. Anthony's Chorate", "Hanava Babanot" etc., are some of the songs which can be ideal choices if you are a religious person.
    • Contemporary options are many and you can also choose a song which you like the most from a movie or album but see to that it suits to be a processional song; the pace should match your processional and such contemporary songs would be suitable only when your wedding is informal in nature.
    • Some of the options for contemporary songs are, 'Sunrise, sunset' from Fiddler on the roof, 'To a wild rose' by Edward MacDowell, 'Appalachia Waltz' etc. These can be perfect choices if you have planned for an informal and modern wedding.
    • It is in your hands to make your most memorable walk on the aisle special and enjoyable. It is necessary that your song selection is appropriate; you can consult an elderly family member who can help you in selecting an appropriate processional wedding song.
    • Make a list of the favorites of you and your partner, then go about selecting the best among all which would make way for everlasting memories
    • You can take the help of your friends who would be more than willing to help you choose the most appropriate songs which would suit your wedding.

    A List of the most popular processional wedding songs in America along with their lyrics has been provided here. It will surely help out you in the song selection.

    Processional Wedding Songs
    1. At Last. Etta James
    2. From This Moment. Shania Twain
    3. Trumpet Voluntary. Clarke
    4. Heaven. DJ Sammy
    5. Only Time. Enya
    6. All My Life. KC and JOJO
    7. Wedding March/Marriage of Figaro. Mozart
    8. Come Away With Me. Norah Jones
    9. The Prayer. Charlotte Church and Josh Groban
    10. Angels Brought Me Here. Guy Sebastian
    11. Because you Loved me. Celine Dion
    12. Me and You. Kenny Chesney
    13. Forever. Jaheim
    14. Storybook Love (Theme from Princess Bride). Mark Knopfler
    15. Butterfly Kisses. Bob Carlisle

    There are endless choices for best processional wedding songs but it depends on you to choose the right ones which suit your preference as a couple, wedding theme and type of your wedding.

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