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Wedding Recessional Songs

Recessional wedding songs are played in the concluding part of the wedding ceremony. The song selected should be able to create a happy mood as there is a mixed reaction among the people after the ceremony.

There are many varieties of wedding songs available for the ceremony such as the traditional songs, religious or funny recessional songs which will surely help to uplift the mood of the event. The most popular choice of majority of the couples is to select a fast track song. There is no need to consider the length of the song while song selection as it is to be played as the recessional song.

The song selected should describe the feelings of a newlywed couple, about their expectations and the happiness of entering into a new life together. The songs selected should also be able to create the celebratory mood.

Tips for Choosing Recessional Wedding Songs

  • It is difficult to choose the most appropriate recessional song for your wedding but there are sources which would help you a lot to compile a list of some of the best songs. You can select from the various websites which give you various songs which would conclude your wedding ceremony in style.
  • You can take the help of your friends and family members in choosing the right songs; you can also choose songs which are in sync with your theme. This would be more apt for a theme-based wedding as every aspect of it should be according to the theme. If yours is a fairytale wedding then songs related to popular fairytales can be played in the background. This would give the real effect of a princess leaving after her wedding.
  • Usually, the bridal party walks behind the couple during the recession and then the music starts; this is a special moment which will stay with you forever so it is necessary to make it special by playing your favorite songs. You can also opt for contemporary songs if yours is a modern wedding without any restrictions from the church.
  • The mood of your recessional song should be triumphant as you are now walking with pride as you are married to the love of your life; this celebratory song should establish the mood of joy and happiness among your guests.
  • You should choose the song considering the time it would take for the entire wedding party to exit along with the couple. If the song gets over before the party leaves or lasts longer then the effect won’t be complete so you will have to be careful with the timing more than anything else.
  • You should remember small things like how much time would be needed for your photographer to snap a few photographs at the entrance while leaving; this is important as the song should continue till this moment as it is an important part of the ceremony.
  • Just spend a little time on research and you can find the most suitable recessional songs after your wedding ceremony.

The songs listed below are popular collections of the Recessional wedding songs in America. These can be used at the concluding part of the ceremony.

Recessional Wedding Songs
  1. A Moment Like This. Kelly Clarkson
  2. From This Moment. Shania Twain
  3. Beautiful Day. U2
  4. At Last. Etta James
  5. Thank You For Loving Me. Bon Jovi
  6. I Cross My Heart. George Strait
  7. Fools Rush In. Elvis Presley
  8. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You. James Taylor
  9. Wedding day. Bee Gees
  10. Book of Days. Enya
  11. This Will Be An Everlasting Love. Natalie Cole
  12. All You Need is Love. Beatles
  13. If I ain't Got You. Alicia Keys
  14. Love Of A Lifetime. Firehouse
  15. Wedding March. Mendelssohn

Listen to the songs and also check out their lyrics before selecting them. Some couples opt for traditional or religious songs as their recessional wedding songs to express their family traditions and cultures.

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