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Spanish wedding songs are very helpful as it helps to uplift the mood of the guests and stir up their emotions. It is would help the couple to bring out their emotions and feelings through these songs. There are songs for each ceremony during the wedding as well as reception.

You have to select a separate song for each category. The songs are to be selected as per the preference of the couples and theme selected. The songs should be relevant to the theme. There are plenty of Spanish wedding songs that are available on the internet and in the music stores. You can go in for some beautiful songs that are romantic as well as perfect for the ceremony. You can bring about the some dynamic and versatile music to rock the dance floor during the wedding.

It should stimulate the guests to dance and enjoy the wedding along with the couple. You can get information about different popular wedding songs which can be played during the wedding. You can research online or take suggestions from your friends and family members. The couple should also discuss each other about the songs that they would prefer to take up for their wedding.

It is necessary to listen to the tracks and check out the lyrics of the song before selecting them. You have to bring out the best track among them. Spanish songs are usually slow and romantic ones. Hence, you should go in for perfect combinations of the songs that would be able to bring out the desired effects.

It would be a great idea to go in for slow tracks along with the fast numbers which everyone would enjoy. You can go in for some popular ballads in Spanish language. These songs are usually slow. It would be perfect for the guests who cannot understand Spanish. You can also go in for a Latin, English and Spanish wedding song. This will help you to accommodate all your guests who don’t understand Spanish.

Make sure to go in for the popular tracks the guests would be familiar with. You can take suggestions for the songs from your family members or friends. You can also take the help of the musical band or DJ that you would be hiring for playing the songs selected for the ceremony.

Following is the list of most popular spanish wedding songs:

  • Beautiful Maria Of My Soul. - Los Lobos (Mambo Kings)
  • China. - Tito Puente
  • Cielito Lindo. - Paco de Lucia
  • Comadre Juan (Merengue). - Celebration
  • Conga. - Heartbeat Dance Band
  • Cuban Pete. - Tito Puentes
  • Decidete. - Orquesta Aragon
  • El Nino. - Gato Papacitos
  • Es Muy. - Tarde Susie Hansen
  • Granada.
  • Guantanamera. - Celia Cruz (Buena Vista Social Club)
  • Guantanamera. - Julio Iglesias
  • I Need To Know. - Vincent Paul Music
  • I Need To Know. - Soular Rhythm Music
  • I Need To Know. - Starlyte Music
  • I Need to Know. - JK Entertainment
  • I Need To Know. - Fortune Entertainment
  • I Need To Know. - Gforce Band
  • I Need to Know. - Jerry Wayne
  • I Want To Love You. - Angel Lopez
  • Jorge Camberos Band Medley. - Downtown Sound
  • Just To See Her. - Smokey Robinson
  • La Felicidad. - Flaco Jimenez
  • La Nina. - Gato Papacitos
  • Let's Get Loud. - Soular Rhythm Music
  • Mexican Hat Dance. - Jose Ortego Mariachi Band
  • Mambo. - Park Swing Orchestra
  • Nuevo Flamenco Medley. - Downtown Sound
  • Noche de Ronde.
  • Oye Como Va. - Tito Puente
  • Paco. - Gato Papacitos
  • Samba Agoniza. - Ken Ulansey
  • Sicilian Blues. - Gato Papacitos
  • Sol Dela Loma. - Vincent Paul Music
  • To Be With You. - Joe Cuba
  • Was I Surprised. - Carabali
  • With Each Beat of My Heart. - Stevie Wonder

You can shortlist some wedding songs from the list given above. You can use these songs for the first dance, father daughter dance, garter toss and many other occasions that would suit your theme and choice. If you are going in for a musical band that would play the songs during the ceremony, then you have to check out your music list with them. This will help you to know whether the musical band is familiar with the songs you have selected. They might also suggest you some good Spanish wedding songs for the ceremony.

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