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Wedding Party Songs

Wedding party songs should bring in an upbeat, cheerful mood and get the guests on the dance floor. Unlike the other wedding songs, these songs could be slightly louder, catchy and with feet tapping rhythm.

Some of the popular party songs are "You shook me all night long", "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, "Twist and shout" by The Beatles "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, "Better Together" by jack Johnson, "At last" by Elta James, "Crazy little thing called love" by Queen, "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins, "Forever" by Chris Brown, "Get the party started" by Pink and many other fast track songs.

Wedding sometimes brings in stress and anxiety not only for the bride and the groom but also for their families and the ones involved actively in the wedding. Partying is a good way to relax and wipe off this stress. Wedding parties could be held after the reception or a day or two later if it is an informal get together for friends.

Wedding parties could also be held prior to the wedding. It could be just to relax prior to the wedding or attached to some function or the other like a bridal shower or a pre wedding dinner. Irrespective of the time or the venue of the wedding party, music plays an integral part of any party.

Preferably the strength of the people on the dance floor should be more than hundred at least, if you really want a blast. If you a small party with limited number of guests, this is out of question. Even you have 100 or more than 100 guests, there would be some people not interested in stepping up on the dance floor. There would be some senior citizens or the ones with kids or others who would not be able to dance due to some reason or the other. Whatever the number, make sure the people on dance floor do not lack the enthusiasm.

If you wish to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure you make transport arrangements for all the "drunken" people to reach home safely. Be sure to check that they do not drive on their own. As an alternative, you can make overnight arrangements at a nearby hotel for all such guests. A good advice would be to go slow on alcohol. However, if you cannot avoid it, make sure you at least avoid all the unpleasant incidences that could result out of excessive drinking. Finish all the introductions, speeches and exchange of pleasantries well before people start consuming alcohol to avoid any "out of the mind" conversations later.

As a very sober advice, you can opt for fruit punches and non alcoholic mocktails instead of alcohol. You can opt for some casual finger food along with these mocktails. A variety of such foods you can offer are tossed veggies, sandwiches, various dips and sauces with sticks, chocolate cup cakes, desserts, etc. Make sure people reach home on time and not after midnight, especially if the next day is a regular working day.

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Party Songs

  • Choose the songs according to your theme, this is the most important criteria as the songs should bring out your theme in full glory; For example, if your theme is rock then the songs should obviously bring out this aspect, the DJ for the party should be smart enough to play songs based on rock in a way that everyone can dance without hesitation.
  • There are many categories in party songs for wedding like the jazz, rock, folk, rap, Latin, gospel etc. It depends on you to choose one from the various options available that would suit your theme well.
  • You would have to be careful in selecting songs for your wedding party as they should make your guests dance till they drop; the songs should change the tempo from time to time as it is important that guests breathe a little in between fast-paced and slow-paced dance numbers. Apart from the tempo, the variety is very much important as the guests should not feel bored by the same kind of songs; for example, if you have chosen jazz as your main category, you should be smart enough to mix a variety of songs
  • The guests are mostly your friend and family members so you know what they like; so, choose the songs which would make your friends go crazy on the dance floor
  • Some elderly people may not be comfortable on the dance floor but it is your responsibility to make them comfortable enough to do a few jigs on the dance floor; you can give them company or ask your friends to accompany them till they start enjoying themselves.
  • Dancing can be started early and the songs should be chosen in a way that your guests do not get tired easily; the fun element should be more even if there are only limited songs
  • You can get ideas from internet as well as from professional DJs who are more at ease with choosing the best songs which would bring the guests to the dance floor.

Wedding Party Songs
  1. That's What Friends are For. Dionne Warwick
  2. Celebration. Kool & the Gang
  3. YMCA. Village People
  4. We Are Family. Sister Sledge
  5. Theme from Friends. Theme from Friends
  6. Thank You. Dido
  7. Respect. Aretha Franklin
  8. All My Life. KC & Jojo
  9. Lean on Me. Club Nouveau
  10. With A Little Help from my Friends. Beatles
  11. Thank you for Being a Friend. Andrew Gold
  12. You've got a Friend. James Taylor
  13. You've got a Friend in Me. Randy Newman
  14. I Will Survive. Gloria Gaynor
  15. Let's Stay Together. Al Green

Make sure your guests would enjoy dancing to the tunes of the wedding party songs you have selected. You could the louder genres of music right from jazz, hard rock, swing, rap, country dance that include some of the oldies as well as the current hit songs.

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