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Wedding Song Lyrics : A Love Worth Waiting For

I wished upon a star one night 
 Shining brightly above me 
 I wished upon a four-leaf clover 
 Growing underneath a tree 
 Each year in June I wished upon a candle glowing bright 
 I wished upon each shooting star that passed me in the night 
 I blew away a fallen lash 
 I whispered in a prayer 
 That God would send my true love home 
 For me to love and care 
 With eyes the color of the sea 
 And a smile ear to ear 
 Hed hold me in his arms 
 And defend from all I fear 
 A knight in shining armor is the man hed try to be 
 And every evening after work hed come home to be with me 
 I wished for someone to grow old with and walk with hand in hand 
 And today my dreams come true, I can call him my husband.

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