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Your old lives ended, your new life begun! 
 O may that life be like a splendid sun, 
 Forever burning, lighting up a way 
 Of Love and Peace — through an eternal day, 
 Full of kind deeds, born of a mutual caring, 
 Sweet little things to make your lives endearing. 
 O may you love full free that you may give, 
 With selflessness, as long as you both live, 
 Not only pleasures, thrills, and joys — well spent! 
 But hope, and faith, and trust, and sweet content, 
 To each other … and may you bare your hearts 
 To learn the maxims there that Love imparts; 
 And when comes trouble, or a little woe, 
 Be understanding, and the cause will go. 
 A wedding is a fusion of two souls, 
 Two hearts, two loves, two minds, two goals, 
 Forever into one.... Does that sound wise? 
 To me, it does; but you must compromise, 
 That your two lives may blossom as one flower, 
 Which grows more fragrant every passing hour; 
 And sends its perfume lingering on the air, 
 Sweet as a song that will not disappear, 
 But haunts you with clear notes throughout the day — 
 And haunts you still, though your youth fade away. 
 May you love dearly: as Husband and Wife, 
 Please be the essence of each other’s life — 
 The yearning and the breath; and yes, the star! 
 And all the other precious things that are.... 
 Treasure your love, and let your love be true, 
 Fresh as a rose in dawn’s light’s gems of dew. 
 True love is great! and wide! and mountain tall! 
 In width and depth, true love surpasses all! 
 Such great true love will feel the greatest hurt — 
 Why, even mountains crumble into dirt.... 
 May God, and all his Angels up above, 
 Grant you their Peace, to make Divine your Love.

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