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Wedding Song Lyrics : Bachelorette Party Toast

A toast to the Bride . . . 
 A toast to the bride to be, 
 Because she is about to wed you see, 
 She will help us understand, 
 What it's like to find the perfect man, 
 For she will submit to marry thee, 
 On 3rd May, 
 Our task has become very clear, 
 As the wedding day nears, 
 No matter what we put her through, 
 No matter what we say and do, 
 She must not have any doubt, 
 She must be ready to carry out, 
 Her vows without any fear, 
 Tonight our bride remains on her best behavior, 
 If she is tempted by a stripper or two, 
 If she has a shot or a few, 
 Even if we tempt her fate, 
 She knows her destiny awaits, 
 To meet her beautiful beau, 
 because in the end she will say I do. 
 Congratulations Maria, 
 We love you!

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