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Poem 1 
 "Dear Maria, You are entering a new ERA. There will come a THYME in your marriage when you find John is not always MR.CLEAN, but don't send out the S.O.S. because he might VANISH. John will always bring you CHEER and you will find him to be your white DOVE. When you are together you will find JOY, so remember your PLEDGE and give him your ALL. To Maria and John the Best of Luck & Good Fortune in the years to come. And may John always be your HONEY. 
 Poem 2 
 Dear Maria, It is only fair that we let Maria in on a little SECRET. John may be FANTASTIC but wait until Maria finds out that he is not MR. CLEAN. He'll expect her to be a DYNAMO in the kitchen and he thinks all women should MOP & GLOW. At night he'll wake you up at DAWN to SNUGGLE up close. We all AGREE that Maria and John will have a very happy LIFE together. Our wish for you is that your home be filled with JOY and you remain as happy as ever in the FUTURE. 
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