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Wedding Song Lyrics : For Our Wedding Day

For our wedding day... we hope that you'll be there 
 Our closest friends and family, all those for whom we care 
 Rings of gold shall be exchanged with love 
 Our lives together shall be blessed from above 
 Uttering promises to be honest and true, 
 Reciting our vows, and saying 'I Do' 
 We'll begin our new life, as we share in this day 
 Enjoy dinner together from a delicious buffet 
 Dance, sing, and have lots of fun 
 Declaring this day a special one 
 Inside this invitation, you'll find more detail 
 Notecard responses to send, call or email 
 Getting there is easy  
 Dear friends, we'd be honored if you'd set this date aside 
 And if you cannot make it, or if you cannot stay 
 You'll still be there in our hearts and thoughts... for our wedding day

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