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Wedding Song Lyrics : Forever Love

On this special day, in a blissful moment 
 We finally unite as husband and wife 
 What a blessing we have been given 
 Our dream is brought to life 
 I pledged my heart to you 
 It will forever be yours 
 My love is pure and true 
 Without you I would be lost 
 I am not asking for the moon and the stars 
 Diamonds and pearls, or fancy cars 
 Your love to me is the real treasure 
 I cherish every moment when we?re together 
 But this small request I truly wish honey 
 I hope it is not too much to ask 
 To hold my hand through the whole journey 
 As long as you need me in your path 
 As years pass by, when we are old and gray 
 You beside me is my only prayer 
 Our love grows stronger, it will never fade away 
 For eternity, forever and always?

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