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Wedding Song Lyrics : I will, I can, I do

I will- I can- I want- 
 I will marry you in front of the world in front of no one at all, 
 I will love you in our bedroom the living room or hall 
 I will live with you anywhere, a mansion or a shack 
 I will go anywhere with to the ends of the world and back 
 I can stay awake and talk to you forever and a day 
 I can spend my life by your side and never go away 
 I can look into your eyes and see my future there 
 I can offer you my soul, with out worry or despair 
 I can tell you that I have always loved you, 
 I can tell you that I love you now more than words could ever express 
 I want you to be my husband you are the very best 
 I want to hold your hand forever and feel your caress 
 I want these things forever, eternally, with out end 
 I want to be your wife your lover and your friend. 
 I DO Love you always

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