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Wedding Song Lyrics : I wished upon a shooting star

I wished upon a shooting star as I lay alone one night; 
 To send me someone wonderful who'd love me all my life, 
 Someone really special who would take me as his own; 
 Then that shooting star exploded, leaving me in darkness all alone. 
 But, still I kept on wishing as those dying embers faded 
 'Cause I had been alone so long, my thoughts on love were jaded. 
 I really needed someone I could love with all my heart; 
 Someone funny, warm and caring, from whom I'd never want to part. 
 Then, suddenly, lo and behold, you came into my life. 
 You stood by me through sun and rain, now want me as your wife. 
 So I'll meet you at the altar love and give my heart to you 
 The stars will celebrate with us as we both say, "I do!"

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