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Wedding Song Lyrics : My Cousin, My Sister

You are my cousin; this is true. 
 But I want you to know you're my "sister" too. 
 There for me when I needed you most 
 Opened your home to me, a gracious host. 
 We've shared some good times and sad ones too, 
 But your friendship always saw me through. 
 You've made me laugh when I wanted to cry 
 And held my hand when I could only sigh. 
 On this precious day as I become Mon's wife, 
 I plan to be with him for the rest of my life, 
 But don't you dare worry, cry, or fret 
 He has not taken your place; that you can bet. 
 He will be my husband, but you are my girl, 
 And that you will be until I leave this world. 
 So always know that I truly love you 
 And thank God for giving me a "sister" that's true.

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