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Wedding Song Lyrics : My Daughter the Bride

Today is the day, you have dreamed of all your life, 
 But I too have dreamed, of the day youd become a wife. 
 When you were a little girl, you played dress-up as the bride, 
 The daydream would then come, Id be standing by your side. 
 We would then be looking, at a reflection in the mirror, 
 You in your dress, me with a tear. 
 You would be so beautiful, youd take my breath away, 
 Your eyes so bright and dancing, it had to be your day. 
 The reflection in the mirror would change, you are little again, 
 Playing like a bride, as my heart remembers when. 
 The memories come rushing back, just like it were yesterday, 
 Laughing, singing, talking and the games that we would play. 
 I come back to reality, to see you standing there, 
 I have so much to tell you, so many things to share. 
 I would let you know, you are everything to me, 
 From the moment you were in my arms, together we would be. 
 I am so very proud, of the woman you are today, 
 I wipe away a tear of pride, as I hand you your bouquet. 
 When some day you have a daughter, and are in my place, 
 Please remember fondly, this look upon my face. 
 For it holds much more than love, it holds your very heart, 
 You are my love, my life, my child, though we will be apart. 
 I am losing my little girl, to a wonderful loving man, 
 But I know you will be fine, for this is in Gods plan. 
 As I leave you now to make the walk, you are destine for, 
 I give you one last kiss for luck, and my love forevermore.

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