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Wedding Song Lyrics : My Promise of Love

I hope your days are happy 
 And your lifetime full of cheer 
 And your heart and soul are reassured 
 That my love will always be near. 
 I hope your smile keeps smiling 
 And your laughter never ceases 
 ?Cause I never want to see a day 
 That your heart is broken in pieces. 
 I will try my best to love you 
 With all my heart and soul 
 In loving you, we will be as one 
 And that is no lofty goal. 
 And if our goal is Heaven 
 We must strive to do our best 
 To ask the Lord to watch over our lives 
 And our love will surely be blessed. 
 So with these goals in mind today 
 I promise my love 'til the end 
 'Cause for me it's easy to love an angel 
 And as an angel, you are my friend!

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