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Wedding Song Lyrics : On your wedding day

I can't believe this day is finally here 
 I promised I wouldn't shed a tear 
 But here I am crying like a fool 
 I know he's what makes you whole 
 I know you're in love with this guy 
 I know he brings a sparkle to your eye 
 But I can't help but cry over this 
 Because he's marrying my big sis 
 I know things will still be the same 
 On this day that you will change your name 
 I know we'll still be the best of friends 
 We have promised to the end 
 I know that even though you're about to become his wife 
 I will always be a part of your life 
 But it just seems so scary 
 That you're about to get married 
 But when it's time to say I do 
 I will be here for you 
 As your sister, friend, and maid of honor 
 I support you in every way 
 As we stand here on your wedding day

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