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Wedding Song Lyrics : Our Wedding Day

Today is the day I vow a forever love. 
 A love I have been so blessed to share with you. 
 Knowing this is a love that begins with trust. 
 Understanding that a love as this has no end. 
 When the sun refuses to shine in your day. 
 I will be your sunshine. 
 If the rain continues, refusing to stop. 
 I will be your umbrella. 
 This love I promise you is a sacred love. 
 A love allowed only once in a lifetime. 
 Being so blessed we have the other to share this love. 
 Knowing this love is shared equally as love has to be. 
 Should you ever become lost and confused. 
 I will guide you back to our path of happiness. 
 When the nights become darker than ever known. 
 I will walk with you to the light. 
 There is no vow taken which means as much. 
 And I take these vows free and openly. 
 For love would have no meaning without you. 
 This is my promise not only on our wedding day. 
 But for each day that follows.

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