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Our Wedding Message to You 
 We have dreamed of this moment for so long 
 And it is finally here today 
 We appreciate you sharing it with us 
 Especially to those who came a long way 
 We hope you enjoy your dinner 
 The dancing and all the fun 
 And don?t forget to keep in touch 
 When all this is said and done 
 On the table you will find some treats 
 Cameras, rose petals, and bubbles 
 And we have some favors to ask of you 
 If it is not too much trouble 
 If you are wondering what the bubbles are for 
 Don?t worry you will have your chance 
 To blow them together all at once 
 As we share our first dance 
 Please pass the cameras all around 
 Be creative and fun 
 Just be sure to leave them on the tables 
 When you are all done 
 You can shower us with rose petals 
 As we leave to start our new life 
 For tomorrow we will be embarking on a new journey 
 As husband and wife!

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