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Wedding Song Lyrics : Rules for Kissing

The Holiday Inn asks 
 That you not 'clink' your glass, 
 to get Terry and Nancy to kiss. 
 To achieve what you're after 
 (and generate laughter) 
 the thing that you must do is this: 
 Get your noggins' together, 
 You birds of a feather, 
 many heads are better than one. 
 Put down your drink, 
 what you must do is think. 
 If you want to see the deed done. 
 Come up with a song, 
 rhyme or skit - not too long! 
 the word LOVE it must contain. 
 Then all stand up and sing, 
 recite, act - do your thing, 
 yourselves do not restrain. 
 If the folks at your table 
 don't think that they're able, 
 to demonstrate talent like this, 
 there's one other option, 
 (but use it with caution) 
 to get Terry and Nancy to kiss. 
 It's the JAR ... 
 In the jar, for our pleasure, 
 and memories to treasure, 
 some printed instructions you'll find. 
 You just come up and take one, 
 Then do it! - you'll have fun, 
 and nobody here's going to mind. 
 Don't think you can do it? 
 Or simply get through it? 
 It'll cost you - a fine you must pay. 
 One single loonie, 
 or maybe a toonie, 
 and everything will be okay. 
 After clapping and laughter, 
 you'll get what you're after, 
 the newlyweds are sure to embrace. 
 You worked hard and earned it, 
 and now we'll return it, 
 just for the look on your face!

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