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Wedding Song Lyrics : Thank You!

Let me just say to all, Thank You! 
 It's very hard to describe 
 And not enough words to express. 
 But give us just a minute 
 and we'll try to do our best. 
 Thank You is just two words 
 But it can mean a thousand things. 
 But as ____ and I move forward 
 We are learning all its great meanings. 
 We learned what it meant 
 and still learning along the way. 
 But looking at all your faces, 
 We find the words of Thanks to say. 
 Thanks to all our friends, 
 who helped to keep us sane. 
 Thanks to all our family, 
 for helping us once again. 
 Thank you for your voices, 
 for letting us hear your songs. 
 Thank you for you support, 
 and helping us to be strong. 
 Thank you for your wisdom, 
 it has helped in many ways. 
 Thank you for your love, 
 it has helped us to see this day. 
 So you see, 
 Thanks is not just a word that?s said. 
 Thanks is a love and a feeling. 
 That enters our heart and sticks in our head. 
 Thanks for helping us find the words to say, 
 And thanks for helping us to live this ever lasting day.

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