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Wedding Song Lyrics : You Are The Sister I Never Had

I wanted a sister to call all my own 
 I didn’t get one, my childhood was lone. 
 I wanted a sister so we could share toys with glee 
 Alas, all my toys were only played with by me 
 I wanted a sister with whom to join Scouts 
 I wanted a sister to share giggly bouts! 
 I wanted a sister to wear my makeup and clothes 
 I wanted a sister to help dispel my woes 
 I wanted a sister to share my joy 
 Because I got my first date with my very first boy! 
 I wanted a sister to happily jump up and down 
 At my high school graduation seeing me in my cap and gown 
 I wanted a sister to write to from my college dorm room 
 My letters would be filled with homesick sighs and gloom 
 I wanted a sister to hear my gripes and vents 
 About my first boss that made absolutely NO sense! 
 I wanted a sister to see my shining ring 
 From the man in my life that made my heart sing 
 I never got a “Real” sister – and here’s the best part that’s true: 
 I got a genuine sister. 
 And, that sister is YOU!

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