Popular Wedding Songs

Popular Wedding Songs

Wedding Prayer Song

There are plenty of choices for the selection of wedding prayer songs. Some couples prefer to go in for the dinner prayers at the reception ceremony. The couples may prefer to go in for these prayer songs when they would have their dinner together with their loved ones.

You can go in for the wedding prayer songs that already exist. You can go in for some popular songs which are already available. The song selected should be in consultation with your wedding planner. You can take the help of the friends or relatives who might suggest you some interesting ideas for the ceremony.

Make sure to check out about the song that you have selected with the priest. Since, you want to go in for a traditional wedding, it is necessary for you to consult the priest before selecting the song. They might also suggest you some good wedding songs for the ceremony.

You can check out these songs and listen to them before finalizing. This will help you to choose the best song that would reflect your style. You can go in for songs that would perfectly bring about your feelings.

A wedding prayer should include important aspects such as seeking blessings for beginning their married life and thanking them for giving a partner of as you have always dreamed about. This song can also be singing praises of the God. You can also seek blessings for all your loved ones. There are many prayer songs that are available on the internet. You can listen to these songs and prepare a list of the desirable songs.

You can download these songs or get a CD which has compiled prayer songs of some famous artists. You should go in for songs that are quite popular and guests may be familiar with. You can assign a friend or relative to play these songs during the venue.

You can go in for some classic wedding songs whose lyrics are in the form of the prayer. Another great idea would be to go in for writing a prayer and later on tuning it in the form of a song. In case, that you are going to write your own song, you have to be aware of some important aspects that are listed below:

  • You have to check out different wedding prayer songs that are already available to get a brief idea about the songs
  • Consult the priest and take the necessary permission to use a self written prayer song for the ceremony
  • You can write down the lyrics of your song and compose music for it. You can tune musical instruments for it with the help of your friends or other family members
  • You have to read it aloud many times and proof read to check whether the lyrics are properly serving the purpose
  • Once, you have finalized it, you can try singing the song along with your partner and record it. Play this recorded song to check out whether the song is good enough to be played for the ceremony.
  • You should also play the song before the priest and take his opinion about the song. This will help you to get the best song for your wedding ceremony.

The ideas and tips mentioned here will surely help you to fetch the best wedding prayer song for the ceremony. It would also guide you to compose your own lyrics for the prayer song and use it.

Given above is a small list of wedding prayer songs and wedding prayers. More wedding prayer songs and wedding prayers will be added in near future.

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