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Wedding songs play an important role in your wedding ceremony. So, you have to choose songs which would be suitable as per the nature of your wedding and your theme, if any. There are many options in marriage songs to choose from and there are also options to plan your songs differently. You can plan for songs, which could be sung by the whole congregation of guests or there could be just hymns or instrumentals. You can also plan for a normal wedding band, which has specialized in performing the most popular and romantic songs.

The wedding ceremony songs can also be planned according to your wedding theme, which would make the ceremony all the more special and memorable. If you have planned for a beach wedding, then your marriage songs can be based on sea and romance. This would make your wedding memorable for you, your partner and also every guest involved in the ceremony. You can also arrange for a solo singer who would sing songs, which are special to you and your partner. The best way to choose the right songs for your wedding is to sit down with your partner as the day is complete only when you both are satisfied with every aspect of your wedding.

You will have to make the songs suitable for your venue as well. For example, if your wedding is planned on a beach then, a band performance would become difficult to listen to amidst the noise of the waves. In such a case, you can have a solo singer to sing a few songs, which are short and meaningful. In the case of a garden wedding you can have a professional band, which can perform romantic songs in the background adding spice to the wedding ceremony.

If you are planning for a traditional catholic wedding, then the choice of songs should be according to the traditions followed through all these years. It would be excellent if your faith in the almighty and his blessings can come across through the lyrics of songs for wedding. So, it is in your hands to make your wedding day memorable forever through beautiful songs.

Listed below are the songs categories. In each category, you will find song for a specific wedding occation. For example, in 'Father Daughter Wedding Songs' category, you will find song to be played at the father and daughter dance.

We also have wedding songs for different religions like hawaiian song for wedding, christian songs, irish song, indian wedding songs, hindi wedding songs, catholic wedding songs,pakistani wedding songs and many others.

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