Sample Accounting Resume

The world would go in mess if there is no person to keep a tab on expenditure and check on the accounts. Accounting is a vital part of our lives as we go on managing expenses and allocating a fixed budget for things. Similarly, corporations and businesses need accountancy professionals for auditing and checking how funds are being utilized, and revenue and expenditure. As such, an accounting resume must highlight relevant keywords such as leadership, receivable management, collections and billings, documentation of financial reports as well as managing balance sheet for the fiscal year. An entry-level job would just concentrate on the needed educational background and skills, but a higher position would definitely look for experience and what quantifiable accomplishments you have under the belt. Resume which has been drafted with powerful action verbs is likely to get more preference by hiring managers. The following accounting resume sample demonstrates the journey of an individual from an accountant position to a managerial post.

Accounting Resume Sample

Tom K. Cleveland
4444 Driftwood Road
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: 408-913-2876

Career Summary:

Seeking a challenging accountant manager position in 'XYZ Bank' where I can utilize my skills and experience to reconcile financial statements and contribute to the organization's goal.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Accounting Manager
City Bank, Raleigh, Carolina
November 2016 – Present

Senior Auditor
Wells Fargo Bank, Santa Clara, California
August 2013 – October 2016

Semi-Senior Accountant
Inhance Digital Corporation, Santa Clara, California
June 2011 – July 2013

Education: Affiliations: Courses: License: Reference:

On request.

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