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Ways to Distinguish Between An Entry Level Resume and Experienced Resume

To explain the meaning of both terms in simple language, entry level resume is a resume for the beginners who have zero work experience, whereas an experienced resume is the one which holds work experience for a period of time. Though both resumes have their own classification, yet they are created for proving their worth. We will now check the ways to distinguish between an entry level resume and an experienced resume.

Objective Statement

The objective statement in the entry level and experienced resume is different. The objective in the entry level resume is a general statement of that individual's career goal, whereas in the case of an experienced resume, the objective is based on the basis of the experience an individual holds and the position that individual wishes to acquire.

Education & Experience Details

In an entry level resume, educational details are highlighted and are mentioned on the top of a resume. In an experienced resume, work experience is given a priority and is placed in a reverse order with the latest role being on the top.

Resume Format

Choice of resume format depends on the qualifications, skill sets and experience. For entry level resumes, the best form of format that works is functional format which focuses on the skills and knowledge one posses. For experienced resume, chronological or combination resume format works best as it highlights your work experience along with your skill sets and knowledge.

Training Certificates Vs Career Achievements

Entry level resume mainly involve certifications that are earned out of various training programs or educational courses learnt. Experienced resume involves career accomplishments that include rewards and recognitions, achieved targets and team work.

Keywords Highlights

Keywords in both forms of resumes differ on the basis of abilities and capabilities one poses. An entry level resume mostly includes keywords that highlight the abilities like self-motivated, leadership qualities. On the other hand, experienced resume consist of keywords that highlight an individual's capabilities like developed, organized, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities are a part of the resumes that carry experience of a particular job profile. Roles and responsibilities can only be added in an experienced resume because it reveals your role or position in a company and the responsibilities taken under that role. This section does not appear in an entry level resume.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests make a resume interesting. However it varies from reader to reader. Not all interviewers entertain hobbies and interests mentioned in a resume. Especially for the experienced candidates, hobbies and interests are not considered when you have a job expertise. For the fresher, hobbies and interests work out as they are the starters and their interests show their attitude towards work.

Reference Section

Reference section is an element of an experienced resume. References can only be added if you have been associated with any professional individuals and that is probably possible in case of individuals who carry experience. For the entry level resume, it is just a start of career and hence does not have a stand for any references.

These are the ways to distinguish between an entry level resume and an experienced resume. I hope now you would have got a clear picture of both forms of resumes.

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