Writing Job Profile of Social Worker

Highlighting Job Profile of Social Worker

A resume is the sketch of your achievements, which includes the strengths and skills that make you a unique individual. It is snap-shot of you that picture your education, experience, skills and interests. The purpose of good resume is to win an interview, so the picture you paint should emphasize the areas relevant to the kinds of positions you are interested in. Most employers search for common strengths and potential in the candidates. They look for people who take initiative, demonstrate leadership and get the job done or motivate others to do it. Hence, descriptions of any jobs or activities should replicate both the results you have accomplished and your potential. This particular article explains you the tips for highlighting job profile of social worker.

Work experience is the main part of your resume. It includes the names of the places you've worked, dates of your employments, job duties and your accomplishments since high school level. The work experience in resume is a vital part of every resume. However, the resume of fresher candidate will not contain any work experience in it, it is compulsory to mention experience in resume of experienced candidate. It gives the employer detailed account of your past work history explaining him/her the use of your acquired skills in your current job profile. Depending on the information in your resume, employer can decide your suitability for the job position.

The work of a social worker involves counseling and providing guidance to people in crisis, such as joblessness, children in need of foster homes and aged without families to care for them. Social workers are generally employed by clinics, hospitals, public welfare agencies, juvenile, rehabilitation centers, schools, courts or private social service agencies.

Requirement for Social Worker:

A successful candidate should have completed a bachelor's degree in sociology, psychology or a similar social science field. Some work positions that require teaching and research look for the candidates with a master's or doctor's degree. Psychiatric social workers need to obtain a master's degree in psychiatric social work. Significant courses in this field include social work methods, social welfare policies and human growth/development. Licensing and certification necessities vary from state-to-state.

Job Profile of Social Worker:

The work responsibilities of the social worker includes writing assessments, conducting interviews to clients and their families to know the type of problem, providing counseling support, recommending best solutions ion particular cases, coordinating and making referrals to different agencies, participating in meetings like child protection seminars or mental health, maintaining records needed in preparation of legal action, guiding evidence to be used in court, helping clients through individual or group conferences, developing and implementing written materials for educational purposes, conducting workshops and providing psychiatric social work.

You can include the skills that are required for the social worker in the resume. The skills required for a social worker are effective written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of social service programs, community organizations and social work practices, principles, techniques and standards.

Highlighting job profile of social worker will provide the employer enough knowledge of candidate's skills and his ability to work as social worker. Writing your details accurately and highlighting your previous work responsibilities working as social worker will help you to achieve the purpose.

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