Lapse in Studies

Ways to Hide Lapse Effectively in Studies

There could be many reasons for the lapse in studies and you may just not know how to deal with it when the time comes to prove yourself. Same is Sameer's story. Sameer was never a bright student in school. Apart from studies, he was good at sports, extra curricular activities and creativity. There was a time when he couldn't pass out class V and thus was left behind by a year.

As her grew younger, he did well in college. But sometimes, luck is so hard. He met with an accident and had to take a drop in his studies for another year. After recovering, he was able to deliver the same performance he did before or even better than before. He completed his graduation and even post graduation in management studies. But now its time to stand independent and prove his merit and he is completely confused with how to write his resume. Your story could be same or even worse than this. If yes, then go through these simple ways to hide lapse effectively in studies.

Not Right to Write

When you are an experienced candidate with a lapse in studies, you really need not bother as your experience plays an important role in your resume and so can completely ignore writing it in your resume. However, if you are a fresher and seeking a job with a drop in studies, you better re-think of writing the same in your resume. It is always not good to write such negatives in your resume. So better remember to forget writing about the lapse in studies.

Other Qualifications Count

I am sure, even if you have had lapse in studies at some point of time, there would be better times too. You would have scored well in other academics. Try highlighting the qualifications with good scores or grades. Write about the examinations passed with year of passing and the marks obtained. Write it all, except the failures.

Focus on Your Work Experience

If you hold work experience, mention it on the top of your resume. It grabs the reader's attention and your unconstructive aspects could be ignored. Write about your roles and responsibilities, initiatives taken and team work experience. If you do not have any work experience, make sure you mention above and below points in your resume.

Shoot the Skills

Though you might not be a bright student in school days, you might posses other skills like computer proficiency, multiple language expertise, excellent calculation ability, etc. Write each and every skill set that you have. Of course, write the ones which make sense.

Appealing Achievements

Achievements could be earned as a student, as a professional or even as an individual. You can always write down about the accomplishments that sound best. Mention about the medals you have bagged at national level, rewards and recognitions achieved at work and appreciations received for contributing your time for social work.

Include Voluntary Experience

You can always write about the voluntary experience in your resume. This includes social work too. You can mention about the experience of the work that you did for noble cause or any kind of unpaid team work with good or not so good results. The point is to write about your initiatives taken. This creates a positive impression of your active participation as a team player.

Your Interests and Hobbies

Though your interests and hobbies not always interest the reader, you can still update them in your resume if your resume is not exceeding the length. Exceptions are always there and so there could be interviewers who would be curious to know about your hobbies, but only if they are exceptional and not the regular common ones.

Give Reason at Appropriate Time

After writing about all the above points in your resume, be self satisfied. When the interviewer reads through your complete resume and questions you on finding confusion in your qualification section, then that is the time when you can reveal about your lapse in studies. You can always give reasons for the lapse at the time of the interview and when it is a discussion in person.

Always Be Honest

When you give reason for the lapse in your studies at the time of your interview, be honest. Do not try to bluff or give fake reasons. Not always your reasons could be genuine but it is acceptable till you are honest.

This is how you can take away a reader's attention to your strong points. Adopt these easy ways to hide lapse effectively in studies and stop worrying about the same.

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