Writing Lengthy Employment History

Top 5 Disadvantages of Lengthy Employment History in Resume

The purpose of your resume is to market yourself with the help of your skills, your achievements, your professional background, academic history and your potential to the prospective employer. As your resume is viewed for least time by the employer, it is essential for you to provide maximum information as quickly as possible that will differentiate you from other candidates and convince the employer that you need to be interviewed. Resume is made up of many different sections that provide the necessary information. One should write the data in these sections in eye-catching language to attract the employers. However, over-writing the information in your resume and making it unnecessarily lengthy will lower the quality of your resume. The top 5 disadvantages of lengthy employment history in resume are explained in the following extract.

Your work history in resume explains the employer about your previous employment details, your acquired skills from past jobs, your special accomplishments and your recognitions. It helps the employer to judge you on the basis of your acquired skills and your work experience. Writing of work experience in your resume is always advantageous; however, writing the lengthy work experience section in your resume will lower the quality of your resume and it will make the employer to keep aside your resume.

Disadvantages of Lengthy Work Experience Section:

The employment details are major part of your resume. It helps your prospective employer to know about your capabilities. It makes him realize that you are capable to handle new responsibilities as you have handled the major tasks during your past employments. Your experience section provides evidence to your words. The above mentioned top 5 disadvantages of lengthy employment history in resume will help you to reduce your mistakes while writing the experience in resume and raise the quality of your resume.

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