Writing Responsibilities in Resume

Pros and Cons of Writing Responsibilities in Paragraph Format

Resume is required by every individual in need of a job. Recruiters overview the resume of the candidate and evaluate the relevancy of the applicant for the given position. The resume includes the details of the applicant describing his academic qualifications, professional experiences, acquired skills, past achievements and other relevant details. It is important for you to include all the details in your resume that will highlight your different skills and prove your relevancy to the employer. Writing your details is not only important but you should also use proper resume format that will best highlight your details. The pros and cons of writing responsibilities in paragraph format are explained below.

The work experience or work responsibilities in resume indicate your professional experience in any particular position. It tells the employer what you have given to the company in past and what commitment can you offer them in future. It explains your working capabilities to the prospective employer. Knowing your experience in the field similar to the applied field, the employer can hire you for the job post. Your work history provides the confirmation to your words. It shows that you are mature enough to handle major responsibilities and difficult tasks successfully.

The commonly used and most preferred format for writing resume is chronological format. Previously, traditional formats or the paragraph format for writing resumes were used. The details in resume were listed in paragraphs. The advantages and disadvantages of writing details in paragraph format are listed below.

Advantages of Paragraph Format:

Disadvantages of Paragraph Resume Format:

The pros and cons of writing responsibilities in paragraph format resume will help you to decide which resume format best suits to list your details. Making use of the resume format that will best highlight your details can be helpful for you to grab the job opportunity.

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