Resume for Self-employment to Full Time Job

Points to Mention in Resume while Switching from Self-employment to Full Time Job

Switching over from self-employment to full time job is a tough decision to make. The nature, expectations and work profile of both differ a lot. Thus, for a recruiter to appoint a person of self-employment profile for full time job will be a risk as he would be uncertain about his abilities to adjust in the new environment. So, if you plan to make the switch-over, stress on your strengths and capacities that will prove your as worthy candidate. Given below are some points to mention in resume while switching from self-employment to full time job that will help you convince the employer of your capacity to make the adjustment successfully.

Refrain From Including Reasons for Switch-Over

A resume is used to compile your strengths and capacities to win an interview call. Hence, explanations for the switch over are not what the employer expects to see in the resume. It may annoy the recruiter to read passages stating reasons in the resume and may influence the employer's opinion about you. Therefore, refrain from including reasons in resume and keep answers ready for the interview

Ability to Coordinate Work

Jobs under self-employment are different in nature from those under full time jobs. Self-employment jobs usually include working individually or with limited work force. Hence, the employers may question the coordination skills of such a candidate. Therefore, applicants switching over to full time jobs need to convince the employers of their ability to coordinate their work with that of others. Stress on your capacities to manage work, be in harmony with colleagues and to direct different activities in one direction, so that the employer comes to know of your coordination skills.

Ability to Work in Teams

The applicants needs to convince the employer of his abilities to blend into a team well, coordinate work and excel as an individual team member and as a team. It is assumed that a candidate, who was self-employed, has a habit of handling responsibilities on his own, taking individual decisions and be answerable to none other but self. The employer may reject such candidate as he may not find him capable of working in teams. Hence, your resume should focus on your abilities to work in teams, understand team responsibility, take sound decisions with everybody's consent and be answerable to everyone in the team.

Ability to Work Under Other Person's Leadership

Self-employed applicants have a habit of taking decisions and being responsible to self. Such people find it difficult to adjust and work under somebody else's leadership or take orders from them. The employer may think that recruiting such candidate may give rise to ego clashes within the organization. Therefore, to contradict the employer's thinking, highlight your abilities of being a true team player and a sincere follower. Try to include instances where you have worked under the leadership and guidance of someone else and gained the desired results successfully.

Communication Skills

An applicant can impress the employer with his strong communication skills. That one vital skill helps in coordinating individual work with the organizational work. It helps to understand each other well, coordinate activities and resolve issues that may arise in the course of working together. Therefore, stress on your ability to communicate well so that you earn the employer's attention and trust.

Ability to Work Independently

Although, you have to stress on your ability to coordinate and work in groups, also emphasize on your skills of handling responsibilities on your own. Only a few applicants can boast of independent decision-making and management skills. Your ability to work independently will give you a unique identity and thus give an edge over other candidates. Use this skill as an advantage over other competitors to impress the employer.

Go through the given points to mention in resume while switching from self-employment to full time job before drafting your resume. Plan the resume well, by incorporating the above points in your existing work profile, such that the employer would not be able to neglect your application for the job in spite of switch over.

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