Resumes for Self Employment

Best Way for Writing Resumes for Self Employment

Self employment could be running your own business or even a freelancing job where you are your own boss. Sounds good right? However being your own boss involves even more responsibilities and is not easy as working under someone. Here you have to bear the gains, loses and any consequences by yourself directly. Now you must be wondering, if self employed, why do I need to write a resume. You need a resume for every job that you do. The main reason to have your resume drafted for self employment is that you come to know where you started from and how far have you reached your goal. The other reason is that there could be a time when you can decide to work under someone else more experienced than you or you would simply be bored with the business and can feel the need of doing a regular job.

Write Your Personal Information

Your resume should consist of all those points that are in a regular resume. Your personal information should contain your full name, address, contact details, date of birth and email address. You are drafting this resume for your own reference and should comprise of all details that are necessary.

State the Objective

Even if you run your own business or work for a project, you have a goal set in your mind. This goal is stated in the form of objective which helps you to boost up your confidence and once achieved, you tend to target the next level of progress. Hence, writing an objective which draws the purpose of your self employment is mandatory.

You're Education Details Education by default is a part of your resume. You need to mention about your qualifications, degrees, trainings, courses attended and about any extra knowledge you have acquired. These all details should be mentioned with the course/examination/training titles, with year of passing or attended, scores obtained or the end results of it.

Work Experience If Any

Self employment doesn't mean that you write your current work profile only. You can write about the experience you have gained prior to your present work. However, make sure you write about the most relevant work details that contributes to you current work summary and also can be counted for future growth prospect.

Skills and Achievements

Skills are your features and achievements are your highlights. Both help in revealing your capabilities. Write about the skills that define your potential to be self employed. Mention the achievements that promote the existing employment summary.

Use a Right Format

Self employment mainly focuses on your personal activities at professional level. However it depends on if you are a beginner or a well experienced individual. If you are a beginner, you can always make use of functional format of resume that highlights your skills and achievements or if you are an experienced self employed then can use chronological resume format that focuses mainly on your years of experience and work profile.

Mention the Additional Activities

Being a self employed candidate, you need not worry about writing additional activities, interests and hobbies as there is none other than you to judge on your activities apart from work. You can list down the most interesting activities you have been a part of.

Be Honest

Whatever you write in the resume, make sure all the details are relevant and true. Writing fake information is simply cheating yourself. If you are capable, it would show in your work and so need not write about anything that promotes you temporarily and affects you in a long run.

Read and Read Again

When you are finished writing all the necessary information in your resume, check for mistakes. As a self employed candidate, you always need to be extra vigilant and keep no space for errors. Your resume is your important piece of information which has to be perfect. Hence, read through the complete resume and make required amendments if any. If you are not self satisfied, you can always ask your folks, colleagues or professionals to review your resume and give feedback.

Now that you have come to know the best way for writing resumes for self employment, do not worry about delivering a good resume. Sit back and exploit the above points which would help you in recognizing yourself as a self employed professional.

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