Specifying Previous Designation

Specifying Previous Designation in Resume

Resume is the text that provides the employer with the details of the applicant in order to check whether the applicant is suitable for the particular job or not. Many people think that just writing the details in resume is enough for getting jobs. But this is not the case. It is important to write a resume in well-organized fashion and in appropriate manner so that the details will best describe you. Employer short lists you depending on the information in your resume. So, you should write your details keeping in mind the requirements of the job position and the employers. Your previous work experience also plays a vital role in your resume. Specifying previous designation in resume will provide the employer with the knowledge of your work roles in past.

The work experience section in resume is the back bone of experienced resume. It is mandatory to include your work history in resume if you are experienced candidate. If not mentioned, you may lose a job opportunity you are looking for. Your work history explains employer about your working capabilities and your past experiences. It explains to the employer how you handled the major job responsibilities during your past employments and shows your capability to handle more job responsibilities in future.

Your previous designation in resume explain the employer about your work roles in past. The job duties handled by you and the skills that you learned while working in different job positions can prove helpful to you in your prospective job. If you have worked in different position in past, you may have acquired many different skills working in these positions. All these skills can add to your experiences and help you to get noticed in the crowd.

How to Specify Previous Position in Resume?

Most of the employers and hiring managers look for the candidates with job relevant work experience. If there are two candidates with same qualifications short listed for the same position, but one having the experience in the same work field, it is obvious that he will be the preferable candidate. However, there are some exceptions. Specifying previous designation in resume will help the employer to decide your aptness for the particular job position.

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