Updating Resume Regularly

How Important is to Update Your Resume on Regular Basis

We all agree that resume is the base of any career. Whether you begin, you re-start, you change or switch to another career. The important thing about the resume is that you need to keep it up to date. But you must be wondering why and how important is to update your resume on regular basis? You must be thinking that a day before an interview is enough time to brush up with your resume. But is it really enough? As per my opinion, it is not. Of course, you can but there are loads of chances that you do not remember or miss on many aspects of your career which can count from the growth perspective.

Be Prepared Always

There is no harm to be prepared for something or anything that comes your way unexpectedly. In fact, you would be satisfied that you could face it. You never know you might get a chance to travel abroad the next day and due to lack of time, you might not get a chance to update your resume. You would be so disappointed with yourself then. Whenever you step in your new job role, be in it for sometime, keep the count of responsibilities attached to that role and then in a week's period, update the role with the responsibilities on your resume. Better do it now than forgetting it later.

Skill Effect

With skills at hand you not only grow vertically but also horizontally, in the corporate world. Vertical growth is growing up to next level or position and horizontal growth is acquiring different skill sets, learning many things, applying them in your work culture and succeed. When you learn, you create a number of skills in you. Those skills you might use in your daily work profile or not but posses them. There is a possibility that the ones you do not use, you tend to forget. Hence it is important to list down your skill sets on your resume, every time you have learnt them.

Awards and Recognitions

Award and recognitions are an identity of you being successful and capable of doing the task and which makes you stand unique in a crowd of other employees. You might have won the best performer of the month or star of the year. At the beginning, you might feel on cloud number nine, but after a certain period when you are habitual to win, you might just feel like another day. But you forget that these awards would get on better and polish your resume. So it is a best practice to jot down your awards and recognitions on a paper and while you revise your resume, you can mention the ones which brighten up your career.


Achievements are the accomplishments which you win by completing the delegated task to you. Achievements can be a team work or you as an individual or a leader. It can be well described in accurate numbers. It is crucial to remember the numbers when you write your achievements on your resume. Therefore, better do it at the same time when you actually achieve. This can prevent the pain of remembering the figures of your targets and the output.

These all factors explain how important is to update your resume on regular basis. Try to follow them, you would be able to understand the importance of it and make things easier for you when you are going for an interview with an updated resume.

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