Fashion Design Careers Overview

I was awed when I saw my favorite actress walk down on the red carpet during an award night. The dress she wore for the function was so charming that it succeeded in catching everyone's attention at the function. A closer look at the dress made me notice the intricate designs and fine stitching done on the dress. I was impressed by the work of the fashion designer and totally intrigued with the idea of making a career in fashion industry. I searched for some assistance, and here is a brief introduction of what I found about the fashion design career.

A fashion designer designs clothing and the different accessories to go with it. He designs clothes based on the theme of the event, age and physical features of the model, and the budget. A designer draws out a rough sketch of the design on paper and takes down the measurements of the model for stitching the clothes. The designer determines the color and texture of the fabric to be used; decides the beading, embroidery or piping work to be utilized for the clothes; gathers the accessories such as bag, shoes, scarves, cap, jewelry, etc., to go with the dress, and the ensures the dress is well stitched as per the measurements. Besides, designing a designer handles quality control, merchandising and PR activities as well.

If you are serious about making a career in fashion designing, then start by watching the popular fashion shows of your country and abroad. Try to observe the trends introduced, the fabric and colors used, and the intricacies of designs, etc. Visit boutiques or cloth showrooms to feel the texture of different cloth pieces. Once you are done with your high school, enroll your name for a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Fashion Designing. Opt for a course that will offer an internship at a fashion designing firm. It is vital to gain practical experience than mere book knowledge. It is important to sharpen certain skills if you want a successful career in fashion. These skills include creativity, designing, precision, business know-how, etc. Also, it is expected that you have the mental ability to endure work pressure and tackle responsibilities under deadlines. You must learn to adjust with erratic work timings and extensive traveling.

Fashion designers are high on demand with the socialites. Often individuals such as movie stars, business men or other high profile socialites approach the designers to get a dress designed and stitched from them. Either they visit their boutique or get the dresses customized as per the choice. These socialites relate good fashion to a style statement and hence expect designers to come up with attractive and unique designs for their dresses. These socialites form the clientele of the independent designers. Every designer must maintain strong relations with clients to ensure sales and popularity of her designing work. There are some designers who choose to work for a fashion house under their label.

Besides fashion designing, there are some profiles that might interest you. Other fashion industry profiles include fashion photography, textile quality control, fashion merchandising, modeling, etc. These profiles, although are related to fashion industry, are quite different from the designing field.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into fashion creation. What we get to see in media is merely one perspective of it. It appears glamorous, fun and lucrative on-screen. Off screen, the picture is totally different with designers running around, coordinating with models, organizers, media and merchandisers. It is that type of work that keeps you on the toes and doesn't let you rest until you achieve a perfect fashion show. We are sure if you pursue a career in fashion designing, it will allow you a chance to broaden the perspective of your creative side while enjoying benefits from a financially rewarding career.

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