Fashion Industry Culture

According to many fashion experts, fashion designing is one of the most competitive and glamorous career. Fashion business needs various traits including technical and art training, management, initiative, creativity, exceptional pattern making skills and good understanding of the aesthetic, along with the practical and lucrative.

Designers need to be passionate about their work even though they have to undergo exhausting working hours and low entry-level pay. But, For many successful designers, their profession is their life.

One of the first step for a designer is to reconsider his decision. Because, most of the fashion students always come in bright-eyed and unrealistic. They believe that they can work hard in grueling hours to have the glamour and fame. But they don't understand one thing that there are only few designers who are really successful. Aspiring fashion students also made mistake regarding focus.

As a designer, you have to think about consumer's true need. So, one has to keep in mind the demand rather than producing your own stuff. It is important to understand the ground market realities.

Being aware about the industry if one still wants to pursue the designing career, then just go for it. If you think you have the spirit, talent, moral fiber to achieve it, then this is the field you are looking for. People from famous fashion schools as Pratt, Parsons and FIT in New York admit that one need to be the next Karl Lagerfeld or Diane von Furstenberg. Then why not you?

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