Floral Designers

Career as a floral designer or florists demands high levels of creative artistic skill of the appealing arrangement of flowers for various purposes. The aspirants need not require a regular degree, but they need to develop and modify styles to carry out a lucrative and thriving career in the floral designing.

Who is a Floral Designer?
A floral designer is a creative artist who has a natural or acquired skill of the arrangement of flowers into beautiful and pleasing designs and ideas so as to fulfill the purpose of decoration. These designers work among the flowers, both fresh and dried. They receive contracts and tasks from the clients and might work on the own or for an agency related in the same discipline.

What does a Floral Designer do?
Floral designers work with flowers. They buy flowers and decorative leaves; arrange them into creative and appealing designs in forms of bouquets, wreaths and various forms for sale. They also make garlands and different other forms of bunches and display them in order to be sold. They need to select appropriate flowers and leaves; ribbons, glitters, gelatin, baskets etc. then these designers arrange them into attractive and varied forms and designs which are used for decoration. These bouquets and flower laid items are used in celebrations, decoration, gifting purpose, funerals and professional purposes. The more creative and pleasant is the flower set up, the more desirable is the florist or the designer.

How to become floral designers
There are no definite courses required to become a floral designer. The basic requirement for the same is to have a natural skill of creativity and designing. Although there are some courses, vocational and regular, which impart the knowledge related required. When being hired by an employer, the candidate must actually exhibit the natural caliber of flower arrangement. If the candidate holds a diploma or degree, it usually becomes an added advantage but even without the same the candidature is considered. Few schools offer Diploma and Certificate courses in Floral Designing.

Other requirements:

Work place
The range of the workplace varies for the floral designers. They can work from a small shop and even a large outlet. This depends on the kind of employment the florists hold. They might work on their own or might be employed by a large firm or organization. They have to keep in mind the different requirements to keep the flowers, clean fresh and presentable so as to please the clients. Thus, they must maintain the temperature, water availability, cleanliness and other necessities. Those hired by bigger companies and clients usually work in the workshops provided by the employer.

Related Occupations
The floral designers can go into in various employments:

The more creative is the floral designer, more is the earning. They need to maintain innovations to please and have regular customers. They must promote their art to invite better profit. If the floral designer is engaged with a firm or organization, the wages and contracts are more than those who own small flower shops. Those engaged in floriculture or horticulture usually obtain regular wages. For the others, the wage mostly depends on the size of the contract they receive.

Job Progress
The Floral designers can progress to a good prospect if they maintain the uniqueness in their art. They must also know how to promote their floristry in order to attract customers. They can expand their business from small shops to bigger outlets. From florists, they can even become wholesale suppliers. They can achieve managerial posts after considerable experience in various firms and organizations. They can even progress into art directors. From small scale contracts they can grow into bigger and popular dealers in floristry.

Career Prospect
The growth rate is rather slow in this career as compared to other occupations. The Floral designers need to be very skilled and competent. These designers cannot afford to lose their contracts, as numerous flower shops exist which specialize in varied forms of flower art. The customer has a large variety of options. Thus, to have a lucrative career, the floral designers must practice techniques like keeping the prices lower than the others, importing different kinds of flowers, presenting new designs and communicating well with the customer.

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