Job Opportunities in Fashion Design

Fashion career is a right choice for those who really enjoy the perks of this field like amazing garments, interaction with celebrated personalities and brands, astonishing assortment, knowledge of imminent trends and style.

Candidates seeking career in fashion industry find this career outstanding even though they have to struggle to create their identity. Fashion career is not all about fame and glamour. To success in this field, one should have good knowledge of industry along with talent.

Following are the various job opportunities in the fashion industry.

Assistant Designer:

In fashion industry, most of the designers start their career as assistant designer. Responsibilities of assistant designers include assisting designers in creating new design patterns. Assistant designers also assist in sketching as well as in research.


Designer is responsible for creating designs for garments according to season, image and price of the brand.

Assistant Technical Designer:

Assistant technical designer help out designer or technical designer in all portions of quality as well as fit actions. As a assistant technical designer, one should have excellent computer skills.

Technical Designer:

Technical designer/director is responsible for creating garments through design, technical sketches, precise measurements for outfits, receiving and evaluation of samples, and sketching and computing garments for technical packages.

Sample Pattern Maker:

Sample pattern maker is responsible for translating sketches into wearable works of art. They also drape and make patterns to produce sample garments. All pattern makers outline patterns on computers.

Textile Designer:

Textile designer are responsible for generating textiles with various fibers and knit or weaving technology. They work for various industries ranging from apparel to upholstery.

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