Networking and Internship in Fashion Industry

Networking is the key to breaking into any industry of your choice. If you don't exploit the opportunities of networking, you will probably be left behind. When you're trying to enter into fashion industry, growing your professional network is a must since the more people you meet, the more you will get to learn about the inside details of the industry. Moreover, it will also help you in getting your first internship in the fashion industry. Whether you want to build your client base, get the latest news of your industry, or collaborate with partners, networking will help you achieve your goals. The only thing needed to network is doing it in the right way.

Whom to network with

A professional network related to your industry would typically include the people who can help in getting you an internship, a sponsor, and holding a fashion event. The network must include people who can assist you to build a career. These people could be your teachers, professors, co-workers, friends, relatives, and neighbors having some link with the fashion industry. Your professional network will have contact numbers of all who you met offline or online.

Here a few ways to network in the fashion industry for internship

Reconnect with people from your field

Getting in touch with your school mates, college professors, and teachers from the fashion institution is a nice way to start building your network. It will help you in reconnecting with them and knowing what they are up to. Finding you contacting them will also make your old friends happy. Fix a date and a place for a meeting and invite them for a brunch, dinner, or just coffee. If your old friends are from other states, just message them since it won't be possible to meet personally. Share with them the things you're doing and looking for. If they can help in any way, they will surely get back to you.

Attend Fashion Events & Fashion Talks

Several fashion events and fashion talks keep happening regularly in the fashion industry. You can meet people from your industry when you're attending any such events and talks related to the fashion industry. Meeting and connecting with the like-minded people will surely benefit you in shaping your career. Participating in the fashion talks, placing and sharing your opinions will definitely help in getting noticed by others. If you strike a chord with them, try to meet them on a regular basis. Hanging out with them will help in learning something new related to your industry.

Use Social Media to Network

The social media platform is one of the fastest, easiest, and efficient way to network. You can share pictures of your designs on any of the social media platform within your group and collect their feedback. Keep checking the comment and tagged sections and try to harness the power of the social media. Besides your creations, you can also share highlights of the fashion event that you attended recently. Networking online using any social media platform is the fastest way of connecting with people. You may also find an online fashion industry platform, especially for the people belonging to this industry. By networking online, you can focus on certain geographic area where the kind of fashion designs you deal in are more popular. Connecting with professionals from specific companies and textile industry will help in finding an internship in the fashion industry.

Become a Member of Already Built-in Network

Organizations that are connected with the fashion industry already have a built-in network. Even the fashion industry from where you have learned the art will also be a member of such networks. Joining those professional groups will help you in meeting and connecting with new people from your industry.

Whether to find an internship, a sponsor, or a job as a fashion designer, you will need a resume and a cover letter to apply. Browse our websites to find resumes and cover letters specific to your niches and make the most of your network.

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