Gaming Services Workers Career

In the United States, legalized gambling incorporates various games such as states lotteries, parimutuel, and casino gaming wagering on contests like charitable gaming, dog or horse racing. Gaming is the very big industry, which is responsible for the production of various service occupations.

Job Description

Most of the gaming services workers are hired in casinos. Their titles and duties may differ by organization. Some jobs in this field are associated with investigation, surveillance, supervision while others include working with patrons or games themselves by dealing cards, tending slot machines, handling money, running games, running and writing tickets, and other activities. In gaming jobs, workers communicate directly with patrons and make the interaction enjoyable.

Every business establishment has workers who supervise and direct everyday programs. Gaming managers and gaming supervisors oversee the personnel and gaming operations in a particular area. They monitor the operations to make sure that all stations and games are covered for every shift. They make workers and gamblers stick to the rules of the games. Gaming managers and gaming supervisors interpret and explain the operating rules of the house of patrons. They plan, organize, and coordinate activities to create pleasant atmosphere for the guests who stay in the casino hotels. Occasionally, they address complaints about their services.

A gaming manager has to carry out various responsibilities. For instance, a gaming manger has to plan and prepare work schedules and post assignments for their staff members. Gaming managers are responsible for hiring, interviewing, evaluating, and providing new training to new workers.

The job of a gaming manager is to supervise the performance of various other workers. A gaming manager needs to have specialized skills such as dealing with blackjack, which is unique to casino work. Other skills may include ability to conduct financial transactions and communicate with clients effectively.

The work of slot key persons is to supervise and coordinate the slot machine department and its workers. Their responsibilities may include handling and assessing payoff winnings to patrons, refilling machines with money, and resetting slot machines after completing the payoff. Slot key persons should be accustomed to various slot machines and must be able to make minor adjustments and repairs to the machines when required.

A slot key person has to determine that whether the slot machines to be removed from the floor when major repairs take place. Working the floor as forefront personnel, slot key persons enforce and implement safety rules and reports hazards. Sports-book writers, gaming, and runners facilitate in the operations of games such as keno and bingo. They scan tickets produced by patrons and compute and allocate winnings. Some of the runners and writers operate the equipment, which haphazardly selects the numbers. Others may pick up tickets from patrons, announce numbers selected, collect bets, and record, verify, and receive patron's cash wagers.

The job of a gaming dealer is to operate table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps. Sitting or standing behind the table, dealers provide dispense cards and dice to the players. Some of the dealers also examine the patrons for infractions of casino rules. A gaming dealer has to be skilled in customer service and in performing their game. The work of a dealer is to calculate and pay winning bets, determine winners, and collect losing bets. Many gaming dealers are competent in at least two games, especially, carps and blackjack. These workers have to carry out following responsibilities.

Gaming Services Workers Responsibilities

Work Environment

Many casinos are open round the clock. They offer three staggered shifts. Gaming workers have to perform their tasks on holidays and weekends. The environment in casinos is filled with fun and considered glamorous.

Educational Qualification

Candidates who wish to get into this field need to have obtained a license from a regulatory agency such as commission or casino control board. Candidates who have completed a high school diploma or GED are preferred by the employers.

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