Advocacy Coordinator Resume

Advocacy coordinators are experts in specific subject area. They utilize this knowledge for bringing about a change in current policies and procedures and thus, may work for communities, organizations or for the society at large as needed. They have certain principles, ideologies and thus take up a cause they strongly feel for or are against. In light of these issues they develop programs and make them public to gather attention and opinions from the governance, law and general public. Advocacy coordinators work for several socio-economic causes such as higher budget allocation for poor, ensuring transparency in finances, promotion of health and wellness activities, propagation children and women welfare or protection of minorities. They seek legal course and support from the police departments to implement reforms in legal and peaceful manner.

The position of an advocacy coordinator is highly challenging and multidimensional. It requires proficient knowledge in different fields of law, sociology and economics. Moreover, the advocacy coordinator needs excellent leadership and decision making abilities that will help them take charge of activities fearlessly. Find below an advocacy coordinator resume example.

Advocacy Coordinator Resume Example

Kimberley Olsen
Address: 11W, Westin Avenue, Mesa, AZ 65574
Telephone Number: 622 - 010 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To obtain the position of an advocacy coordinator and utilize my expertise in social, economic and legal fields for the welfare of the society.

Key Skills:

Work Experience:

Designation: Advocacy Coordinator
Organization Name: Mesa Information Society
Duration: March 2012 - till date

Primary Responsibilities

Secondary Responsibilities

Designation: Advocacy Coordinator
Organization Name: Mesa Women Welfare Society
Duration: October 2010 - February 2012


Educational Qualifications:


On request.

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