BIM Coordinator Resume

BIM is short form for Building Information Modeling. It refers to the compilation and storage of information that include details of design, construction techniques, and operations. It is necessary and helps in proper management of the projects. To manage this digital process, a BIM coordinator is hired, who uses the BIM model for the organization's projects. The jobholder liaises with the architects and planners to comprehend the building design and its dimensions. Based on this information, the incumbent collaborates with the graphic designers to prepare an ideal BIM model with accurate specifications. Also, he participates in the planning and decision making meetings to determine the feasibility of implementing the planned designs in reality. He plays a crucial role in liaising with the several project personnel and ensuring the project proceeds in a determined manner. The person needs to be a good team player and his main responsibility include coordinating between personnel across multiple levels and ensuring timely proceeding of plans.

When hiring candidates for a coordinators position, every recruiter expects to see the qualities of managerial, communication and project management skills. The position of a BIM coordinator is no exception. Hence, highlight these qualities along with knowledge in BIM modeling to create an effective BIM coordinator resume.

BIM Coordinator Resume Example

John P. Prieto
847 Zimmerman Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone: 213-385-0413

Career Objective:

To take up responsibilities as a BIM coordinator with "The Walsh Group," and utilize my knowledge of BIM and my coordination experience for the benefit of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

BIM Coordinator
DEF Property Developers, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
October 2014 - Present

BIM Coordinator
XYZ Property Developers, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
February 2013 - September 2014



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